Rajdhani Thali @ Connaught Place

So this weekend we bumped into this amazing place called Rajdhani at Connaught Place to quench our authentic Indian food cravings. It’s old age ambiance and traditional tikka welcome gave the feeling of an Indian wedding household. The staff was very friendly and the service was quick. Within minutes, they will fill up your thali and it will look like this.


And id this wasn’t enough, they are in the midst of their Mango festival and have delicacies made out of this yummy fruit!


We were surprised at their creativity and skill that gave this one fruit so many different forms and tastes! Who knew Rajasthani culture was this diverse! So head out this season to have your share of this amazing ethnic festival, and tell us what you liked it there.


New Menu at the Dirty Apron

Dirty Apron, city’s first Eurasian restaurant by Piano Man launched their new menu and we were invited for a tasting session of the same. At the onset, loved the warmth and vibes of the place. Its a very relaxed kind of an atmosphere where you can just sit back and relax while enjoying some good food.

The menu designed for the evening comprised of some selected cocktails, salad, soups, pizzas and desserts.

We ordered POT, a vodka based cocktail, and it tasted quite good. We were also served a n assortment of canapés which weren’t really a part of the menu, but were good to taste.


The canapés were followed by Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Soup and Green Apple & Vermouth Cold Soup. Both the soups were unusual and tasty. I loved the distinct taste that each soup had, without overpowering any of the ingredients. The green apple & vermouth cold soup is something you should definitely try, this is one thing I am going back for very soon.

Along with the soup a platter of assorted salad was served and it had three different types of salad, each better than the other. This is something you must try whenever you visit the place.


A variety of pizzas were served in main course and we tried Pepperoni Pizza, Bulgogi Chicken Pizza and Chicken Basilica. All of them very very good, but I personally loved the Pepperoni one. The crust of the pizza is something really worth appreciating, so thin and crisp, its great.

The desserts were amazing too, there was Blueberry Cheesecake and Kaffir Lime Scented Creame Brulee. I opted for the cream brulee and found it to be really awesome. The taste of lime infused in the creamy custard was perfect.

I would surely love to visit the place sometime soon again and recommend it to all the readers.


Review-“Spotlight Bistro & Bar

It’s a small cozy and an extremely vibrant and happening place located in the main market of Rajouri Garden.It does stand out from the crowd and it’s architectural design steals the first glance on the “Spotlight” interior with the neon bulb hangings.

It was a bloggers meet over dinner which was organised to portray this newly established restaurant to the Delhi walla’s. It definitely has alot to offer, from great music to quality food which has a variety of cuisines from Italian, North Indian, Continental to Chinese.







IMG-20160730-WA0045  IMG-20160730-WA0033

IMG-20160730-WA0038  IMG-20160730-WA0145

These pics. are enough to reveal about the variations from snacks to drinks and you must be finding it tempting and resplendent. But, believe me this place has alot more than this to offer you and to go by my review, you gonna step inside “Spotlight Bistro & Bar”.

Since, we were really hungry and our mouth was watering, we could no longer hold forth our temptation and shooted forth our orders. Their palate consisted of Mexican & Jalapeno pizza, Chilly Chicken, Mini Corn Mushroom Quesadilla, Fish Tikka, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Paneer Tikka,Chicken krara Bite & Aloo Tikki.

I personally loved their fish tikka,mini corn mushroom quesadilla and mutton seekh kebab.It was all very soft and staggering by taste.Quantity was good enough and pocket friendly.

From the drinks section of the menu we ordered an Apple Ginger cooler mocktail, Virgin Mojito, Kala khatta cooler mocktail which was a frozen drink with a mix of kala khatta and fresh ginger and my favourite. A must try drink for all who visit this place for a good meal. Next up in the cocktails was Spotlight Screwdriver and Pann Mojito (this was another added bonus drink served at the table and it was outstanding,a drink one can enjoy and get only at Spotlight).

Not just this,but to add to your lively mood they even have seesha with a variety of flavours.

Suggestion: Pre booking is a must as it has a small capacity of around 45-50 and is usually crowded as it’s already on the go to truly be the Spotlight of Rajouri.

I give it a 4.5/5 star as I believe in leaving some room for improvement always.




Sandwich Factory-Restaurant Review

Recently visited this restaurant called sandwich factory for a review. Its located in Mayur Vihar, but for me it was totally worth the visit.

The place is small, yet vibrant and inviting. Its typically your neighbourhood fast food joint but with much better quality of food and some global dishes. The prices are also very reasonable.

In starters we had Chicken Nachos, which were a little dry and we suggested the owners to relook into the recipe and load it with more chicken and cheese, our suggestions were very positively taken into note.

The Masala Fries and Chilly Garlic Nuggets were good and you must try them.


The mains included their Signature Bruschetta and I can easily say that it was one of the best and is definitely a must try. The next was the Creamy Bruschetta which too was delectable, but I would still prefer the signature one. I can go back for it anytime. Next was the Jumbo Chicken Focaccia Burger, a burger which had expressions too and was great to taste. This was followed by Mexican Quesadillas which were amazing too. I loved the preparations of this place, barring the minor short fall in the nachos, each and every thing was delicious.

Another suggestion that I had for the place was to include some desserts in the menu which I am sure they would be working on and by the time you visit, you would get to taste some of their delectable desserts as well.

All in all, do visit this place and you will be pleasantly surprised

I rate it a generous and deserving 4/5.


Restaurant Review-IC’s Hotel, Jamia

“Never Judge A Book By Its Cover” a very famous saying that sometimes really holds true in practical aspects of life. I recently went to this eatery called IC’s Hotel and no other phrase can describe this place better. It’s a small hotel situated in the hustling bustling street of Jamia Nagar and may be just because of the location and the surroundings you will end up giving it a skip, but I assure you, once you open the door and enter the property, you will be very pleasantly surprised. Its chic, classy and very appropriate to take the entire family out for relishing a authentic mughlai cuisine. There is no dirth of outlets/restaurants serving authentic Mughlai Cuisine in Jamia, but there are not many places where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the meals with entire family, most other restaurants don’t have appropriate sitting space and environment, but this place is definitely different.



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Hive Kitchen & Bar- Restaurant Review

Recently we visited this place, Hive Kitchen & Bar, tucked away in Green Park Market.

The moment you enter, you fall in love with the calm and inviting ambience, its one of those places where you would just want to sit, eat good food, and relax.

Starters: We had Beer Battered Amritsari Styled Fish Nuggets, Naan Pizza, Crispy Chicken Croquettes and Ceaser Salad.

The fish was great and best out of the lot, perfectly crisp, yet mouth melting. The naan pizza was the second best, was very soft and had a great taste. The chicken croquettes were also good, but nothing exceptional there and so was the teaser salad, good, but not exceptional.


Chicken Croquettes


Beer Battered Amritsar Styled Fish Nuggets


Caesar Salad


Naan Pizza

Drinks: Being a whisky drinker, I chose Whisky Sour and it was amazing, whisky lovers would definitely give it a try.


Main Course: The main course included, Indian Styled Spiced Chicken with Rice, Juicy Lamb Burgers and Half Chicken Roast.

The Indian Spiced Chicken was outstanding, it tasted just too good. The gravy was very well done, and I can anytime go back for it.

The Juicy Lamb Burgers were to die for, they tasted so amazing.

The Chicken Roast, was good too, but again, it wasn’t exceptional, I can give this one a miss, and rather try their other delicacies.


Juicy Lamb Burger


Half Chicken Roast


Indian Styled Spiced Chicken with Rice

Desserts: There was warm apple pie with vanilla ice-cream and red velvet cake. I simply loved them both, but the apple pie certainly comes at the first position.


Red Velvet Cake


Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Overall it was a very pleasant experience and one should definitely visit this place for an awesome ambience and great food.



Navratra @ SodaBottleOpnerWala, Gurgaon

Fasting during Navratri apart from being a widely practised religious custom is also a great way to detox. However, most Navratri menus are very high on calories and fat content which is not ideal for someone breaking a fast.

 Sodabottleopenerwala has a specially crafted menu for the festival which is simple and yet offers an inventive Irani cafe twist to traditional Navratri food.
To begin with, Gwarfali which is almost never seen in restaurant food is glorified in these crispy cutlets cooked to perfection. The chef revealed how it is a very difficult vegetable to work with and the dish transforms an ordinary vegetable into a crunchy delicacy. The raw banana cutlets are another interesting addition. The light and airy Sabudana papad makes for the perfect accompaniment.

In the mains, we particularly enjoyed the Khattu Meethu kaddu which has the right hint of spice and is cooked to perfection. This is served with a potato sabzi, kuttu atta rotis and steamed rice.


The real highlight was the desserts on the set menu. The sabudana kheer garnished with mangoes offers the right degree of sweetness and is wonderfully creamy. The falooda is one of the restaurant’s signature desserts and is a flavoursome and fragrant concoction of strawberry and rose milk with icecream.

I felt completely light after the meal as none of the dishes were oily or spicy but managed to retain wonderful flavour. The menu really takes traditional Navratri/fasting delicacies and reinterprets them in classic Bawa style for a memorable experience. This one’s a clear winner.

Review Credit – Ridhima Hakeem

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Relishing the Mughlai Flavours at Punjabi by Nature, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj

Punjabi by Nature is a well known restaurant , especially when you want to satiate your Mughlai food cravings. This weekend, we headed straight to Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj and picked Punjabi by Nature out of the many eating joint options available in the mall.Being first day of Navratras, it was little empty, as compared to the kind of rush it gets over the weekends, but nevertheless, some food enthusiasts were seen relishing the delicacies that Punjabi by Nature has to offer.

For starters we opted for a Non-Veg Kebab Platter and Kastoori Kebab. The non-veg platter consisted 4pcs Galauti Kebabs, and 2pcs each of Amritsar Fish Tikka and Chicken Malai Tikka.

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Restaurant Review- The University Bistro

A small little place, tucked away in the busy Hudson Lane, the famous University area of Delhi is definitely worth every dime you spend on good food.

Its called the University Bistro, and I have to say that it was one of the warmest and tastiest food experiences I had in a long time.

The place is very vibrant and full of energy and has been designed keeping in mind youth as the main TG, it being in the university area. It oozes out a very positive vibe, the moment you enter.

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