Review: The Tipsy Project, Janakpuri

Spread out on two floors with uncluttered seating, The Tipsy Project is a lightly dim place which is best for friends to hangout, have some drinks and food while enjoying the music or a game of cricket. The seating is comfortable, with options of accommodating large groups of friends, couples and a bar table. The music is loud, and the day we visited was a mix of Punjabi and English songs – though they definitely failed to impress me.

The mixed cuisine menu offers you quite a variety. Chicken Tai-Chi is stir fried boneless chicken pieces with a variety of bell pepper and other veggies, a sweet and sour sauce. I would have a preferred it to be drier, but that’s a personal preference. Crispy Congee Lamb is a winner – the lamb as it should be and the sauces maintain the balance. Baked Chicken Nachos fare well, with in-house nachos topped with chicken and cheese, but the salsa fails to impress – too sweet. Pita bread with hummus repeats the story – the pita bread is good, but the consistency of the hummus is not – it is watery, but the taste is perfect.

crispy crongee lamg

chicken tai-chi

baked chicken nachos

pita bread with hummus

The TTP Special Pizza wins hands down – a combination of veggies and loads of cheese on a thin crust, wood fired – bliss! Penne in Golden Sauce (you’re right it’s not gold and it’s not that costly as well 🙂) – basically a mix sauce is a must try – the individual flavors of pesto, arrabbiata and alfredo retain themselves and create a medley of flavors.

pasta in goldenn sauce

TTP special pizza

With an extensive beverage menu, TTP is surely going to keep the alcohol loving fraternity happy. We tried a few cocktails and mocktails – Cucumber Spritzer & Fruit Punch from the mocktails section – the former refreshing and the latter a must try – temperature, taste and texture – all get full marks! From the cocktails menu Dirty Martini, Sangria, Green Apple Martini  were ordered and they absolutely justified themselves. A glass of Masala Coke (very well made) complimented the main course very well.

dirty martini and green apple martini

For dessert, we could only try the TTP Special Pan Rabri – and I am pretty sure we didn’t make any mistake here – the pan flavor didn’t overpower, the sweetness was perfect. Wanted to try the Bailey’s Gulab Jamun as well, but our appetite didn’t agree with us!

paan rabri

A good place to hang out with friends, have some drinks & enjoy those moments of friendship and love with music or over a cricket match – TTP brings cheer to the residents and visitors of Janakpuri – yeah definitely a place to get tipsy!

Plot 4, C Block, Community Centre, Pankha Road,Janakpuri, New Delhi
Open 11 AM to 1 AM
North Indian, Chinese, Italian – Extensive beverage menu and Hookahs!

Adding a dash of Mediterranean azure to Delhi’s summer sky: The Beer Café, Hauz Khas Village

New Delhi, 11th July, 2015: Nestled in a rustic lane of Hauz Khas Village, The Beer Café’s newest outlet is the perfect blend of European charm in a modern café setting. The 24th outlet of India’s largest beer chain draws inspiration from the deep blue Aegean sea, Turkish bazaars, French fashion and Phoenician stonework. It carries a Mediterranean theme across elements from the décor to the menu.


French, Spanish and Italian travel cues and symbols adorn the brick walls along with Greek art, forming an interesting mélange of colours on an otherwise all white palette. Everything from the tableware to the wooden chairs will remind you of the beautiful beaches of Santorini and architecture of Barcelona.


While the Mediterranean is 4000 km away, Mediterranean bliss is just a sip away. Experience the warmth and hospitality of The Beer Café’s talented team as you indulge in authentic Mediterranean flavours with your favourite brews. In addition to the regular menu, the outlet will also serve wholesome Greek and Caprese salads, Mezze platters, Falafel, Pasta Aglio Olio and sumptuous Shawarmas.


The launch was celebrated with a sundowner that fittingly captured the essence and vibe of the outlet. Guests were enthralled by a lively performance from Taba Chake an Indie/ jazz band.


On the occasion, Mr. Rahul Singh- Founder & CEO, The Beer Café said, “Beer is such a versatile drink. One would be amazed how well it complements every cuisine. We’re thrilled to bring an unparalleled beering experience to the picturesque Hauz Khas village. Our café is reminiscent of Mediterranean marvels, culture and food while it still retains The Beer Cafe’s traditional spirit. We want guests to enjoy and unwind over their favourite beers in a relaxed and pleasant environment. It’s going to be ‘Un bel giorno’ (a beautiful day), everyday for HKV goers”

Elf Cafe & Bar (Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi) – 4/5 Stars

Why is one compelled to visit a place? For me it usually is when I hear from a lot of friends that this place shouldn’t be missed. Elf Cafe Lounge is all I heard from my group of foodie friends before I finally decided to visit the place in the lovely Hauz Khas Village.


As a lot of other people may tell you, Hauz Khas isn’t as happening as it used to be, it could either be due to the controversy that caused some places to temporarily shut down. Whatever it was this place isn’t the same. There was a time when it used to be bustling with hipsters regardless of the time of the week. Anyhow, Elf Cafe Lounge is certainly a rare gem in the lovely crown that is Hauz Khas Village.
This certainly is the most happening place at HKV, the place belongs to Dinesh Arora who is quite well known in the party scene of Delhi. You would know him from the newspapers! He runs other restaurants like Ivory and Wushu. This place is great for parties because it has private lounges and is at least 2000-3000 sq. feet in area. Its multi-cuisine menu consists of tandoori food, American, Spanish, Italian, etc. The restaurant does a good job with most of its dishes because it has well known chefs from around the globe.
Elf is a very welcoming and unpretentious place with some really good food, my recommendations are: Dahi Kebab, Chicken Tikka Pizza, Pasta and Brownie Sundae. We happened to try a lot of different things but these were surely my top favourites.
What I loved most was the music (sufi, soul, rock, you name it!) and the ambience. It is a perfect date kind of place. I would certainly pick Elf for a fun night out with my partner. I was informed by the server that the place also has an in-house bakery and they do personalised cakes for special occasions. I have only been to Elf once but I know where I’m gonna plan my partner’s surprise birthday party.
Keep partying!
(Delhi Food Club)

The Beer Cafe – BIGGIE (Connaught Place, New Delhi) – 3.5/5 Stars

Attended a lovely event at The Beer Café on 8th August, 2014. I love beer and The Beer Café provides a tranquil (during the day) and lively (at night) atmosphere for enjoying a pint. The place has been in business for two long years and has spread its wings all over the place. The Beer Café- BIGGIE is the flagship outlet which I visited recently. 


The new menu has been designed by Chef Saby who is known for his popular venture Fabrica. His aim is to get quality local ingredients and create simple recipes which are bound to be loved by all. Chef Saby is a genius when it comes to presentation. The eye pleasing presentations were not only good to look at they tasted wonderful too. 

If you are watching your weight, this place is probably not for you because what has been created here is an array of rich and delicious local and international recipes. This is comfort food at its best. 


What struck me most is that the dishes on the menu had been named after popular films (what a great idea!). I am a huge fan of mushrooms and there could be no better name for mushrooms than TirchiTopiwale. 

The Pizzas were baked really perfectly and the cheese was just right. The signature Tacos were good too. If you are anything like me, you will not miss the juicy burgers they have to offer. 


It is a ritual, even if I am full I can’t not end my meal without dessert. The Chef created a beautiful looking Tiramisu that looked really chic and tasted just as brilliant. I went for seconds. The event was a success and it was a lot of fun to eat freshly cooked and freshly prepared dishes.


Cafe Wanderlust and Shivangi Reviews ( Blogger’s Meet 2014

This is not my first review of Cafe Wanderlust. I am a regular. I love the place. I am hooked on to its bohemian ways. I had the opportunity to go to Cafe Wanderlust again on a Sunday.

The event was a colab Food Blogger’s Meet, organised by Cafe Wanderlust and Team Shivangi Reviews. I have been to a lot of food bloggers events before but this was different for so many reasons.

Disha, who runs the place is quite the talked. She has a lot of interesting incidents, anecdotes and stories to share. All of us bloggers were not bored for a minute. One interesting incident after the other, one story after the other. Conversation kept flowing over huge glasses of Thandai, Adrak Chai, Kachoris, Samosa Chaat, Thekua (a Bihari deep fried dough ball), pastries, etc.

What I personally love about this cafe is how quirky it is. I can sit here for hours, having my Adrak chai and fave music on loop and never wanna leave. I like how the owner takes good care of her guests and ensures everyone is comfortable. I like how this little cafe is a family affair because all of us get tired of pretentiously self-important and pompous places to eat. I am tired of waiting for my partner to dress up to look great because most of the places we dine at require us to look a certain way. I like going casual from time to time and I pick Cafe Wanderlust to unwind.

 Cafe Wanderlust served us excellent Gol Gappas. I am a big fan of chaat and I enjoyed the Samosa Chaat with sprinkles of imli chutney very much. What my tongue still cannot forget is the lovely flavour of the kachoris. They were perfectly crips or khasta and tasted really good. One of the best kachoris I’ve had in Gurgaon.

We were served a savoury mushroom crepe. Everyone at the table was amazed how the small Cafe Wanderlust kitchen is milting out all different kinds of things to eat. We loved the creamy mushroom crepes. Crepes are my favourite and I especially enjoyed these crepes very much. Highly Recommended.

Another great combo, that should not be missed is the Bombay Vada Pao. Now I really have not had the Bombay Vada Pao but everyone at the table who had said that this was as close as it could get to the actual vada pao – 9/10. It was also incredible to see that most of the bloggers at the table were hardcore non-vegetarians and Cafe Wanderlust is a vegetarian cafe but none of them missed the vegetarian food at all. Kudos to the chef, who is also the owner’s mother.

 The Veg Croque Monsieur, the vegetarian version of the grilled ham and cheese sandwich was quite good, this is the food that dreams are made of. There is cheese inside, there is cheese outside, it is cheesy and delicious.

The Vegetarian Burger resembled a huge American Hamburger that we all couldn’t finish by ourselves. We had to share. It was now time for the desserts. We were all eagerly awaiting the final course because after eating what felt like a zillion savoury items, we will in the mood for something sweet.

The Laung Lata was the best out of all the desserts and there was a plate full of different kinds of desserts. Laung Lata is a deep fried dessert with Khoya, Sugar, Refined flour, Cloves, Cardamom, etc. Must Have!

It was a Sunday well spent and I cannot wait to go back the the lovely Cafe again very soon.



Event Courtesy: Cafe Wanderlust and Team Shivangi Reviews

Gola Southend (9, Defence Colony Market, New Delhi) – 3/5 Stars

My partner finished work and asked me to pick her up at the Defence Colony Market. I was excited about going to the Defence Colony Market after such a long time. We had our very first date at Moet’s!


I don’t know if I took a wrong turn or it was due to excessive traffic but I was completely lost until I used my Sat Nav to reach the Defence Colony Market where she was waiting eagerly for me in a lovely pink dress. The first thing she said to me was: “I’m so hungry!” and I just said instantly, let’s get into the first restaurant we see and the first restaurant we both looked at together was Gola!

The restaurant has two floors and isn’t crowded at all so couples get a lot of solitude here. The decor is so far away from special that it lingers close to the Government run canteens.

What did we start with?

We started with Golden Fried Prawns and Chicken Spring Rolls. I liked the prawns but the spring rolls were a huge disappointment. It was hard to understand why they seemed so soggy!

What was next?

Our main course consisted of Chicken Chooza, Murg Makhni and Hydrabadi Biryani. I have to admit I am never in my life going to order hydrabadi biryani because they just cannot make biryani like awadhi’s do! The sauce base for murg makhni was quite good but if you ask me the food reminded me of what you would eat at a wedding, which means, too much oil and very little attention to detail.

How did it end?

We just decided to order a round of drinks because we hadn’t finished talking so we had some fruit beer which was surprisingly nice.

Is Gola recommended?

Not so much!

Hachi Ba (26, Saraswati Kunj, Opposite Alchemist Hospital, Golf Course Road, Sector 54, Gurgaon) – 3.5/5 Stars

I like restaurants who focus on food more than the decor. Hachi Ba is one such place. The decor isn’t too fancy and won’t wow you in any way. The service and the food are fantastic though.

Everything on the menu looked interesting and we did not know what to order. I always think if you are confused just ask the staff what to get. I have always ended up satisfied when the staff has surprised me with their choices.


We asked for recommendations and we finally went with Chicken Munchow soup, Chicken Momos, Hachi Ba Noodles and Shredded Lamb. My personal favourite was the Shredded Lamb. It was delectable.

It is fun to hang out at Hachi Ba during winters. The wooden rustic tables are wonderful. I feel very comfortable dining at this restaurant. The food is good, service is nice and quick.

Amaranta – The Oberoi (The Oberoi, 443, Phase 5, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon) – 4/5 Stars

This is a very underrated place. My first experience here was so memorable. It was the birth of my best friend’s twins and the couple was throwing a celebratory party.

Amaranta is a breath of fresh air amongst the many many such that serve restaurants Sea Food. We were very happy to learn that the sea food is flown in fresh on a daily basis. The Oberoi hospitality is & has always been fantastic.


The malabari paratha is one of my most favourite things but I wish they could have done it a little better. Pepper Prawns and the Andhra Fish Curry were both to good to believe.

The decor is minimalistic yet fancy. Amaranta is an expensive place but it is worth every penny.

Rara Avis (M 27, 2nd Floor, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi) – 4/5 Stars

Before I delve into the food details for Rara Avis, I have to say that the staff is wonderful at Rara. They are so knowledgeable that everyone at the table was impressed.

Coming straight to the good stuff, the food. The snails in lemon butter sauce, oh my God, the most wonderful dish I’ve had in a long time. This is why I love French food, everything is so subtle.


Most restaurants screw up their duck dishes by overcooking and making it too chewy but not Rara as the preserved duck leg was one melt in the mouth dish.

What I liked most was the comfortable chairs and the light music in the background. It is a very nice and relaxing place to dine at.

The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe and Kitchen (116 C, 4th Floor, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi) – 3/5 Stars

We read about this place in the newspaper and since I am not very familiar with Shahpur Jat, it took me a while to find The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe and Kitchen. What you first see is the decor. It is quirky, everything is blue or yellow or green and everything is mismatched.


What I hated the most was getting to The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe and Kitchen, it is on the 4th floor and it has no elevator. You have to climb up a shady set of stairs and I am sure most people give up going to Potbelly for this reason.

They served us Bihari litti and mutton. The litti was decent, but I have genuinely had better satoo stuffed Bihari littis. They also serve a sattu cooler, which is supposed to keep your body cool in the summer heat. It was alright.

What I really did like was the Sattu roti, that I can recommend.