Adding a dash of Mediterranean azure to Delhi’s summer sky: The Beer Café, Hauz Khas Village

New Delhi, 11th July, 2015: Nestled in a rustic lane of Hauz Khas Village, The Beer Café’s newest outlet is the perfect blend of European charm in a modern café setting. The 24th outlet of India’s largest beer chain draws inspiration from the deep blue Aegean sea, Turkish bazaars, French fashion and Phoenician stonework. It carries a Mediterranean theme across elements from the décor to the menu.


French, Spanish and Italian travel cues and symbols adorn the brick walls along with Greek art, forming an interesting mélange of colours on an otherwise all white palette. Everything from the tableware to the wooden chairs will remind you of the beautiful beaches of Santorini and architecture of Barcelona.


While the Mediterranean is 4000 km away, Mediterranean bliss is just a sip away. Experience the warmth and hospitality of The Beer Café’s talented team as you indulge in authentic Mediterranean flavours with your favourite brews. In addition to the regular menu, the outlet will also serve wholesome Greek and Caprese salads, Mezze platters, Falafel, Pasta Aglio Olio and sumptuous Shawarmas.


The launch was celebrated with a sundowner that fittingly captured the essence and vibe of the outlet. Guests were enthralled by a lively performance from Taba Chake an Indie/ jazz band.


On the occasion, Mr. Rahul Singh- Founder & CEO, The Beer Café said, “Beer is such a versatile drink. One would be amazed how well it complements every cuisine. We’re thrilled to bring an unparalleled beering experience to the picturesque Hauz Khas village. Our café is reminiscent of Mediterranean marvels, culture and food while it still retains The Beer Cafe’s traditional spirit. We want guests to enjoy and unwind over their favourite beers in a relaxed and pleasant environment. It’s going to be ‘Un bel giorno’ (a beautiful day), everyday for HKV goers”


The Beer Cafe – BIGGIE (Connaught Place, New Delhi) – 3.5/5 Stars

Attended a lovely event at The Beer Café on 8th August, 2014. I love beer and The Beer Café provides a tranquil (during the day) and lively (at night) atmosphere for enjoying a pint. The place has been in business for two long years and has spread its wings all over the place. The Beer Café- BIGGIE is the flagship outlet which I visited recently. 


The new menu has been designed by Chef Saby who is known for his popular venture Fabrica. His aim is to get quality local ingredients and create simple recipes which are bound to be loved by all. Chef Saby is a genius when it comes to presentation. The eye pleasing presentations were not only good to look at they tasted wonderful too. 

If you are watching your weight, this place is probably not for you because what has been created here is an array of rich and delicious local and international recipes. This is comfort food at its best. 


What struck me most is that the dishes on the menu had been named after popular films (what a great idea!). I am a huge fan of mushrooms and there could be no better name for mushrooms than TirchiTopiwale. 

The Pizzas were baked really perfectly and the cheese was just right. The signature Tacos were good too. If you are anything like me, you will not miss the juicy burgers they have to offer. 


It is a ritual, even if I am full I can’t not end my meal without dessert. The Chef created a beautiful looking Tiramisu that looked really chic and tasted just as brilliant. I went for seconds. The event was a success and it was a lot of fun to eat freshly cooked and freshly prepared dishes.


Monkey Bar (Vasant Kunj, Delhi) – 4.5/5 Stars

Monkey bar is the most interesting restaurant you will dine at!

Monkey Bar has been on my wish list for a very long time, I just haven’t been able to go there for some reason. Anyway, when I was invited to be there for the ongoing Mocktober fest, I rubbed my hands with glee.

Coconut Jumbo Prawns at Monkey Bar Delhi, Photo courtesy Sanjay Ramchandran (1)

Monkey Bar, for the uninitiated, is a gastro pub in Vasant Kunj and is the brainchild of AD Singh, one of India’s top restaurateurs. This is the second Monkey bar in the country, first being in Bangalore fittingly as it is India’s pub capital.

Butterfly Chicken at MONKEY BAR, New Delhi- 9384

Now, I really need to ask the owners whether the glass dome was already present and they decided to build a restaurant inside it or if they were really inspired by Louvre. Either way it is a striking structure and looks like a restaurant from a “galaxy far far away”.

The MoBar Bork @ MONKEY BAR  Kunal Chandra 25

Monkey Bar is one of those restaurants whose vibe you can gauge the moment you step in. It is extremely cool, hip and young and the ambience contributes to it in no small measure. The posters and pop art pieces, from old Lindt signage to Johnny Walker wall clocks, it really is superb. Hidden in a nook is a game room that has a pool table, a Foosball Table and other game-y stuff.

 Tiger Steak @MONKEY BAR photo Kunal Chandra

Monkey Bar has a two level dining area and we were seated on the upper deck. Okay, onto the food – the Mocktober fest menu has around 27 beers from all over the world. Although my first choice Hoegarden was not available, I settled for an Estrella Damm (Spanish), while my partner had an interesting strawberry flavoured beer called Fruli (Belgian). Our starters were Butterfly Chicken (a la carte menu) and Beer battered tiger prawns (Mocktober menu).

St. Patricks' Spegatti at Monkey Bar Delhi, Photo courtesy Sanjay Ramchandran

The chicken filling was fab especially with a drizzle of the sweet and spicy sauce. It was presented well too, in a butterfly shaped shells. The butterfly shells on their own had no flavour but eaten along side the chicken it formed an interesting combination.


The beer battered prawns were probably the only dish I did not like that evening. Although the batter was great, the beer made it light and yeasty, the prawns were chewy and a tad bland. It might have to do with the big tiger prawns coz I think smaller prawns are more flavourful than its larger cousin.


We ordered tasting portions of many main course dishes and ill start with the two on the Mocktober menu first. We had the Cajun chicken taco pizza and St. Patricks Spaghetti. The Cajun chicken taco pizza was perfect. The spicing of the chicken was as good as the toasted tacos which was as good as the beer yoghurt on top. I was pleasantly surprised with the incorporation of beer in this dish, marvellous.


St. Patricks spaghetti was a winner all the way. The stout and beef stew was slow cooked and still had pink in the middle, gorgeous taste. The buttered spaghetti was smooth, buttery and sinful and the combination of the two was hearty.


Our a la carte was a portion of the mutton shami slider, tiger steak and the mobar bork. First things first, the mutton shami slider was probably the best dish I’ve had the whole year. Three little shami kebab burgers with mint chutney and coleslaw, the flavours in the shami blew me away. And to think that one of best shami kebabs in Delhi is in a high end gastro pub says something about the chef. You can come to this restaurant just for this and not be disappointed.


The Tiger steak was well cooked and had so many interesting flavours in it, the heat of chilli paste, pungency of the galangal and the tang of lemon. Very nice indeed.


Finally, the mobar bork is a pork belly dish, served on a bed of wonderfully cooked noodles. The pork belly was how a belly should be, fatty and crisp at the ends. I loved the dish and the combination of flavours were top notch.

Spiced Honey & Ale Cake AND Chocolate & Stout Pudding,Photo courtesy Sanjay Ramchandran

For desserts, I went for a Spiced Honey and Ale cake (Moktober menu) while my partner had the Chocolate pot de creme with salted caramel.

The Spiced Honey cake was beautiful with a strong sticky honey flavour and went well with the stout cream it was served with.

Chocolate Pot De Creme With Salted Caramel 2 - Monkey Bar - Photo Courtesy Kunal Chandra

My partner loved the chocolate pot but it really was not up my street as I like dark chocolate and hate popcorn. Anyway, she loved it so I will say that people who like that combination should surely give it a go.


All in all, I loved the experience at Monkey Bar and would love to come back to enjoy it all over again, and for those mutton shami kebabs (Boy I am hungry again!!).

Review by: Mayank

Photo Credit: Shivangi Reviews

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