La Pino’z Pizza 🍕 

Delhi Delites

After hearing so much about this place, I decided to try this place on Thursday evening. Trust me this place is worth trying !! Food was delivered on time in neat and clean packaging. The delivery arrived super quick.

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Coming to the food :-

> Honey Chilli Potato – Crispy and soft honey potato with adequate flavors, must try for all. Initially I thought the fries would turn soggy but the fries turned out to be crispy. It is a perfect option to feed evening cravings. I’ll surely head to this place for having Honey Chilli potato again!

> Chilli PaneerDry – A spicy Indo-chinese starter wherein soft pieces of cottage cheese were perfectly cooked and marinated. The cottage cheese cubes were really soft & tasted fresh. I enjoyed this delectable

Crispy ChickenCrispy Chicken Chilli is a spicy dish which is prepared using chicken and spicy Chinese…

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Great dinner treat from my uncle

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My uncle took me out for a rather fine North Indian meal last night. The venue was India Gate which is a Northern Sub Continental restaurant which served top quality food authentic Northern Indian/Nepalese food.

History of the real India Gate in Delhi is below:The Delhi Memorial (India Gate) stands at the eastern end of the Rajpath, or Kingsway.
Historical Information
Of the 13,300 Commonwealth servicemen commemorated by name on the memorial, just over 1,000 lie in cemeteries to the west of the River Indus, where maintenance was not possible. The remainder died in fighting on or beyond the North West Frontier and during the Third Afghan War, and have no known grave.

The Delhi Memorial also acts as a national memorial to all the 70,000 soldiers of undivided India who died during the years 1914-1921, the majority of whom are commemorated by name outside the confines of India.

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Review : ‘JOM JOM MALAY’, a True Malaysian experience

Malaysia meets Delhi at Jom Jom Malay.
Asian cuisine has always left a big impression on foodies across the world, and Delhi is no exception. While we have seen a number of Oriental restaurants ruling this market, over the years, Japanese, Thai and even Korean spaces have come up, reflecting the growing appetite for cuisine from these regions. To add to this existing cache, is Jom Jom Malay, Delhi’s first Malaysian restaurant, centrally located at the new-look Ansal Plaza on Khelgaon Marg. The name reflects the fun element that the restaurant hopes to replicate as it literally means, come on let’s (try) this Malay or Jom Jom Malay!
The restaurant has been created with great attention to detail and the idea was to bring an authentic food experience from the region to the people of Delhi. While several restaurants in the Capital dabble in select dishes from Malaysia, here you get the whole gamut; from laksas and nasis to murtabaks, karis and the roti canai which has echoes of the Indian Malabar paratha. Jom Jom Malay brings you big bang flavours that are true to their origin with pastes being made from scratch in the kitchen and is big on use of ingredients like galangal, lemongrass and kafir, along with coriander, fenugreek and chilli.
The menu is exhaustive without being overwhelming and has been conceptualised by hospitality consultant and managing partner Aftab Sidhu, who has, in the past helped set up Shalom, Laidbackwaters, Italic, Lap, Orange Chopsticks and Burma Burma in the Delhi-NCR region and consulted on projects in Bangalore and Goa as well. Anhad Sethi is the key investor and director who began his food journey in Singapore several years ago and has a keen understanding of textures and flavours from the region.
The menu has been created in the kitchen by Chef Honey Mishra and his team. He has spent over five years working in kitchens across Vietnam and hence is able to recreate a refined version of Malaysian street fare.The use of pinewood in the interiors helps give the space an open, expansive look and feel. Shadow puppets on the wall, and the replica of a cheerful Malaysian-style street rickshaw add the finishing touches to the restaurant. While they are still awaiting their liquor license, head here for a truly Malaysian experience.

Mutton Biryani at Biryani and Qorma Express


Of biryani and candid conversations…

Situated at Baani Square of Sector 50, Gurgaon, is a restaurant bringing the flavours of Old Delhi to Gurgaon – Biryani & Qorma Express. The beauty lies in the fact that the ingredients are sourced from Old Delhi to be cooked in the Gurgaon kitchen, thereby retaining the traditional and authentic flavours of Old Delhi.



The restaurant offers an extensive menu ranging from tandoori chicken, mutton seekh kebab and fish tikka to a variety of qorma, biryani, pulao and khameeri rotis. Vegetarian variants include tandoori vegetables, dal makhani, paneer tikka, aloo gobhi adraki, vegetable biryani and more. Don’t forget to ask your server for the special dish of the day. You could be lucky to try nihari, keema kaleji or dal gosht. No meal is complete without desserts. Take your pick from phirni, gulab jamun and moong dal halwa.



With old songs playing…

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The Delhi Highway: Restaurant Review


If you are stuck up at work in Andheri East, especially Andheri Kurla Road in Mumbai and your belly is screaming with hunger, worry not; there is a new food haven here and its called The Delhi Highway.

A blogger’s team including myself in association with the team of K-Media.In oversaw some wonderful food and beverage options which were offered as part of the Review. Let us look at what this place is all about.

The Restaurant Location and Ambiance:-

The Delhi Highway is situated exactly opposite Global Fusion in Saki Naka and I would suggest if you work in and around this place and looking for good vegetarian options to try from this place is ideal. The ambiance is bright and warm, bright with shades of Golden  and Blue.

One would feel they have walked into a different portal altogether after arriving inside this marvelously designed restaurant with comfortable…

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Winter Outside, Tummy Warming Inside Guppy, Delhi

Guppy for me has managed to be on my “go to restaurants” when I crave for authentic and flavourful Japanese food.
Every time I visit guppy it never ceases to amaze me in any manner what so ever, be it the food or the drinks or the hospitality of the staff and the managers or my favourite part, the decor of the restaurant. It speaks the language of quirk. It’s bright and mysterious in its own ways.The little masks detail or the authentic Japanese knick knacks. The indoor seating which is personal or the outdoor seating option which is open and lively in the pretty Delhi winter sun.

Having told you everything I like about Guppy it’s time I discuss what I went to try out this time around. Their winter menu.

We started with a delicious lobster and seafood soup kaminabe – served beautifully in a paper pot , this soup was comforting and soulful. An absolute delight in the sweet Delhi winter. The proportion of lobster meat , prawns and fish in relation to the veggies such as broccoli tofu and carrot was perfect. This broth-based soup is a must have on their winter menu.
Next, I tried the slow cooked Tuna steak – Tuna cooked to perfection with a warm spicy ponzu sauce served with some thinly sliced veggies, textured orange slices and a poached egg. An overall lovely dish with a burst of flavours.
Next, on the menu, I tried the different types of sushi, first of which was Battera sushi, an authentic pressed Oishizushi. The tuna version was overpowered by the topping of wasabi, while the salmon one tasted more of the sticky rice than any taste of the salmon on it. A skip on this one is what I would suggest.
After Battera came the black rice vegetarian California rolls – I was a little hesitant to try a vegetarian sushi, but toy surprise two sushi was very well balanced with a crunchy center and a lovely layer of black sticky rice. It’s was very earthy in its flavour. Guppy sure knows how to balance flavours and provide precision in the ingredients it uses.
With everything on the table I tried Tatami Cocktail which paired beautifully with all the food served, tangy with a spice kick to the end of every sip, this cocktail might not be for everyone, but it sure suited my palate.
Post the sushi, came the grilled rock lobster – lightly grilled with seasonal veggies, the lobster was creamy and super soft.
In the mains, Karashi Chicken and Bacon Casserole was a foamy fatty dish which was overpowered with the taste of wasabi. Guppy surely loves their wasabi. Sadly due to the wasabi, the chicken and bacon took a backseat. Would suggest a miss if you don’t like wasabi.
Next came the Lamb Toban Yaki – Where the lamb was tender and slow cooked to perfection in a homely brown gravy with diakons, some carrots and greens.
Do not miss this one on the winter menu if you like rooted flavours.
For the veggies out there, the Mushroom Toban Yaki is amazing, assorted mushrooms and lotus roots cooked with greens, cherry tomatoes and baby corn in a creamy coconut base is a must have.
To finally a sweet ending:
Warm Carrot cake – cute plating but lacking taste
I’d rather suggest trying our the chocolate ice cream – it was a bitter chocolate, perfect for the light winter chill.
Overall – if you haven’t yet knocked on Guppy’s doors, do so now. It’s a restaurant with a heart and soul.


Address: Guppy, 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony

Review – “TAKSIM’ @ Ansal Plaza, New Delhi

Taksim is cool and chic enough for coffee, cosy conversations under the stars and intimate dining in the restaurant indoors. Spread across 4,200 square feet, it has the perfect location in south Delhi’s Ansal Plaza, the capital’s original mall, which after nearly a decade, is ready for its second innings, helped by the fact that its parking capacity is over 1,500.


Find the world on your plate, with the diverse menu serving Grilled Jumbo Prawns, Roasted Red Snapper, Mezze platters and their signature Arabian Sushi, besides Pakistani Balti Gosht. If you’re looking for authentic Turkish, you’ll find it here, with melt-in-the-mouth Chello Kebab, served with saffron rice or the Mansaf, a rich, fragrant biryani-style preparation. If you’re craving a burger, you can create your own, with customised toppings, dressings and the patty of your choice.

Its name, translated from Turkish as sections or partitions, is used to conceptualise a menu that explores varied cuisines. Chef Sanjay has ingeniously created a menu that gives the people what they crave, which is, tangy, spicy flavours, with a touch of the exotic. So, you have the uniquely crunchy Broccoli Almond or homegrown Tandoori Chicken Dimsums; classic Margherita pizzas (or Pides) and pastas alongside Indian fusions.



If you’ve decided to spend a sunny afternoon on the spacious patio, enjoy a serving of piping hot burgers and coffee. Or step inside the spacious resto-bar inside, where the DJ plays house and hip-hop music and the volume is just right for conversation. You can also move the party upstairs to an intimate chic lounge, ideal for 18 people, where you can sit back and dig into some classic desserts (think cheesecakes and chocolate decadence. Guests can expect live entertainment from an aerial stage that pops up from the second level, overlooking the main area. Soon, there will be designated musical theme nights, such as Retro Thursdays, in the able hands of 18-year-old Saksham Goklaney (or DJ Cue!).

Riksha Wala Balti Ghosht  With Assorted Breads .jpg

Taksim is awaiting its liquor licence, but if the fresh, fruity, spicy mocktails are anything to go by, they promise to be interesting. Check out the Summer Cyclist, which is a blend of orange and litchi or the minty Sporty Lemoned. Kids will love the Kit-Kat, Oreo and Peanut Butter Banana shakes. The resto-bar offers extremely affordable packages for parties too.


Sahil Madan, who owns the India rights for Taksim, with branches in China, plans to introduce the brand in Tier Two cities like Ludhiana and Indore. A marine engineer, he spent a year in the Merchant Navy before moving onto his true calling, with Ministry of Sound. The warehouse look is a tribute to his days on the sea. The quirky wall installations are all his idea as well as the wall art in the lounge on the second level. The eye-catching wall installation of pots and pans (he’s used real ones), all painted in white, is the first thing that strikes you once you settle down on the plush seats. The mirror, a Vastu element, that extends across the wall has the effect of doubling the space. The quirky chandeliers of broken pieces of crockery are also bespoke pieces. The wall art on the second level is by Delhi’s graffiti artists.



Come to Taksim for great food, lively ambience and a mix of world cuisine, from European to Arabic and a smattering of Indian. It’s comfort food, with an experimental twist, served alongside classics.




Access(Axis) the Gourmet Fest

Gourmet fest by Axis Bank Dining Delights spanning across the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata is a gala moment for food lovers. What a hungry and greedy foodie needs? Loads of food, lot of variety with a very small hole in pocket. This culinary celebration serves it all. With more than 70 restaurants participating, it is impossible to have it all in 10 days.  A person gets to enjoy a fixed three-course meal, which is served at a nominal price of INR 799 excluding taxes. The festival is on from 11 to 20 November.


I have my own reasons of liking this fest. For a person like me who can eat anything and everything at anytime. The biggest struggle at any eatery is what to eat and what not to, as I love it all. The menu at Gourmet fest is specially curated menu from the main menu of the restaurant. So it is like, best from the rest is already clean and just pop your finger at any from this special list. One can make advance bookings at any of the participating hotel with just by paying a miniscule amount of INR 49 online. Here, I felt extra special as the booking is to done through your Axis bank card, which makes me feel special from my friend having non-Axis bank card.


With so much at ease and infused laziness and I chose for the nearest participating restaurant. Hotmess, located at Connaught Place, M Block, Inner Circle was finalized for Friday evening. What better way to start the weekend in the wake of demonetization, where one can go to the place cashless as well queue less and clueless. Queue less as we had the reservation and Clueless as all the choice of dishes has been done and just have to pick from the best.


Punjabi heart may travel the world but will settle only for Dal makhani and chicken tikka. Actually, it was not settling rather rising in Dal makhani. After a very long time savoured such a dal. As the name, it has only two flavours, Dal and Makhan. Very mildly spiced and so well cooked that even writing this I am drooling.


China Chicken Tikka and London Tikka were the international confusion for me. Former was a starter and the latter main course. The reason behind ordering this to answer the curious mind that how a London and China are going to make difference to our very own chicken Tikka. Yes, the question was very well answered both were way different and good. No comparison in the taste and yes both had Chicken tikka. A good play and presentation of flavours.

Serving portions are good. A hungry soul like me will never complain saying that “Bas itna hi”. Our tums were filled, hearts hungry, which anyways always are, and the serving bowl still had something to eat. The meal was value for money in terms of both quantity and quality.


The dining options are available for both lunch and dinner. Therefore, do not miss out this food celebration and exploit the opportunity with your friend, your loved one or …hope you got the pun… :).


Nevertheless, you have to be with someone, as a booking has to be minimum for two diners and maximum of eight. If you are planning to throw a party, or there are any pending on you from long time make use of the opportunity. Your friends will love so much variety, and some may envy for making it such big gala.