Soiree with Australian Chef, Scott @ Hyatt Regency, Delhi

Cosmopolitan, Elegant and chic, Australia has a passionate soul and a welcoming heart that makes every thing truly memorable about that place! From thrilling world class events and renowned architecture, to cafe-lined streetscapes and verdant parklands, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in that country!!!! Well, Well, Enough Said! or rather having said that, it was my true pleasure to visit Hyatt regency when they bought Australia on Platter because after all it was #ScottPickettInIndia , Melbourne’s most celebrated chef and culinary personality.

Event started off with Avocado master class and effortlessly lead us to reconstruction of Local favorite Bombay from there. We all carefully watched Chef Scott and the way his hand moved like an undulating waves giving perfection to each and everything.

How do i express this.. Well, serving soul food and exclusive, Dinner was beautifully divided into a satiating 3 course meal with the options of both veg and non veg and not to forget with the love of both White and Red wine!

In between the meal, they premiered a small video talking about Australia tourism. From world famous wines to fabulously fresh food and breathtaking sceneries, magnificent forests with cascading waterfalls and quaint mountain villages, that video spoke about everything which allured me to plan my next big visit.

It was lovely to hear Chef Scott and his experience about both our country and his and it was awesome to come back home after an amazing experience of Auatralian culture and food that evening





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