The Hidden Indian Culinary Gems!

A regular Sunday afternoon in this overbearing summer heat, and you get a chance to visit an absolutely one of its kind cooking studio in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. More so, when your appetite’s already calling out for the menu on offer & interestingly, the protagonist of the meal being ‘Indian Super Food’. This is about Tastesutra – A Cook – Bond – Eat concept that involves bonding of cooking delicious Indian Meals.

This event was a pop up in order to enjoy a meal and get closer to the phenomena, the culture, the unity, the religion & the expression called “India” through the best medium called ‘food’.


To begin with (and much required in this heat) we started off with Bael Sharbat with nolen gur & amaranth seeds to replenish ourselves and get set for the extravaganza to follow.


The appetisers had a few choices – Phaalsa Pakoras, Chicken Ghee Roast, Kathal Kabab & Ghugni but our personal favorite was these amazing pakoras made out of a soulful recipe of fried phaalsas in a batter. This didn’t even require a chatni to be eaten with.


Another interesting appetiser was this Kamal kakdi chaat- Crispy thin slices of lotus stem topped with yoghurt and assorted chutneys. It looked yum and the taste did more than justice to the appearance!

Coming onto the main course, we realised that the menu was curated to take you through the lost Indian food traditions, flavors and a soul satisfying meal. They had handpicked recipes which were taught by friends and family from various diversities.


The maincourse had a vareity of foods from states across India. There was dal dhokli (Gujarat), Papad ki Sabzi (Rajasthan), Baghara Baingan (Hyderabad), Achari Tinda (Banaras) and the like. Well, then came to the party this amazing feast of Jungli Maas – A delicacy of Mewati cuisine from Rajasthan, succulently slow-cooked mutton in a thin gravy made with only 5 ingredients.


Coming onto the dessert part, we had the amazing Beetroot Halwa & Badshahi falooda- famous dessert from the streets of Maharashtra.


Summing it up, this meal was just a way to get together and enjoy the simplicity as well as complexity of the authentic recipes & to relish the power & nutritious value of simple Indian Super Foods without any compromise on taste & flavor.


Yup! Happy Faces 🙂

Signing off
Until next time

Eat Healthy!

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