Birdie Num Num, Gurgaon

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Apart from the super cute name, Birdie Num Num serves coastal food and an amazing variety of cocktails.
The food is good and the cocktails are beyond amazing!

wp-image-1800909551jpg.jpgAmbience: The beach club vibe and turquoise blue all around with the huge bar at the center describes the ambience of Birdie Num Num.


~The Nest: Served in a birdie nest and the drink was served in a egg shell glass. Hay infused vodka with roasted barley syrup and lime. Must Try.

~Spilt Personality: Lycée drink with gondhoraj and sugar. It can be prepared as a mocktail or as a cocktail. We opted for a mocktail.


~Love Bird: Because it was season of love and they launched a feb menu for cocktails. Tequila with rose syrup, lime and cardamon.

~I feel good: Cranberry juice infused with popcorn with casis and lime…

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