Review : ‘JOM JOM MALAY’, a True Malaysian experience

Malaysia meets Delhi at Jom Jom Malay.
Asian cuisine has always left a big impression on foodies across the world, and Delhi is no exception. While we have seen a number of Oriental restaurants ruling this market, over the years, Japanese, Thai and even Korean spaces have come up, reflecting the growing appetite for cuisine from these regions. To add to this existing cache, is Jom Jom Malay, Delhi’s first Malaysian restaurant, centrally located at the new-look Ansal Plaza on Khelgaon Marg. The name reflects the fun element that the restaurant hopes to replicate as it literally means, come on let’s (try) this Malay or Jom Jom Malay!
The restaurant has been created with great attention to detail and the idea was to bring an authentic food experience from the region to the people of Delhi. While several restaurants in the Capital dabble in select dishes from Malaysia, here you get the whole gamut; from laksas and nasis to murtabaks, karis and the roti canai which has echoes of the Indian Malabar paratha. Jom Jom Malay brings you big bang flavours that are true to their origin with pastes being made from scratch in the kitchen and is big on use of ingredients like galangal, lemongrass and kafir, along with coriander, fenugreek and chilli.
The menu is exhaustive without being overwhelming and has been conceptualised by hospitality consultant and managing partner Aftab Sidhu, who has, in the past helped set up Shalom, Laidbackwaters, Italic, Lap, Orange Chopsticks and Burma Burma in the Delhi-NCR region and consulted on projects in Bangalore and Goa as well. Anhad Sethi is the key investor and director who began his food journey in Singapore several years ago and has a keen understanding of textures and flavours from the region.
The menu has been created in the kitchen by Chef Honey Mishra and his team. He has spent over five years working in kitchens across Vietnam and hence is able to recreate a refined version of Malaysian street fare.The use of pinewood in the interiors helps give the space an open, expansive look and feel. Shadow puppets on the wall, and the replica of a cheerful Malaysian-style street rickshaw add the finishing touches to the restaurant. While they are still awaiting their liquor license, head here for a truly Malaysian experience.