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IMG_5014.JPGWhat are your leaving memories of a Pizza Shop? Left over hard, chewy sides. Some complain of the stale base for leaving the sides and not taking the onus on their fewer visits to dentist.IMG_5015.JPG

No more it is the case with new offerings by Pizza Hut. The new variants of stuffed crust pizza will keep your mouth stuffed until the last bite. Pizza Hut comes with three new crusts namely Veg Kebab, Cheese Max and Masala Chicken Sausage.

The three crusts designed are not just any without the thought. They have made best efforts to cater to almost all the palettes.IMG_5034.JPG

The Cheese Max, is actually too much cheese. One cannot think of adding more cheese to the bites. If you are too choosy about cheesy, please go for it. The mozzarella in the purest form with no adulteration is awesome. Veg kebab is bit on the spicy side and may make one rush for a shot of water or drink. It is difficult to balance spices such that you feel spicy and you enjoy it. With veg Kebab, pizza hut accomplishes this delicate balance. Love for sausages is satisfied with the Masala Chicken Sausage lined up at the circumference of the pizza and laced with creamy, tangy flavoured sauce.

Any of the existing pizzas can be ordered with the Cheese Max crust. Masala Chicken Sausage crust restricted to Chicken Hot ‘n’ Spicy and Tikka Treat. Veg kebab is bound with Veggie Surprise and Paneer Delight.

All in all a very good offering from Pizza hut and thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good efforts on this tasteful journey.


Solo Travelling: A trip to Delhi

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“Travelling leads you to learn more of the world than sitting at home.”

Woohooo…. I’m so so so excited for this wonderful trip to Delhi. I always felt some connection with the capital of India.

Well, I’ve always been a traveller ever since I was 14 year old. Till now I’ve been to 8 major states of India. Madhya Pradesh, chattisgarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Chennai etc. I’ve learnt about the culture, food, and language of people.

I’ve always been a learner. I love reading people’s mind and their perception.

Finally, after so long I just gotta chance to visit to Delhi. And I’m also excited to meet so many places, food, people, of course Delhi girls. ???

Haha! Jokes apart, I’m so exited that from last 2 weeks I’ve been researching a lot from one of the best travelling books written by more than 12 authors. “INDIA”

I found…

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We commenced this food experience in here from these tantalizing mocktails which had different base either the mojito or the watermelon signature drink, every sip was so fulfilling and sated our thirst.


For appetizers we had;

  1. Hawkers Style potato (signature dish, must try)
  2. dragon roll
  3. kernel corn
  4. Greens with a TWIST
  5. tofu crunch
  6. orchid mushrooms

For mains we went for;


  1. burnt garlic rice
  2. Singapore noodles
  3. Silken Route
  4. Eggplant Stack
  5. Veg. Shanghai pan fried dim sums
  6. crystal dumplings
  7. spicy asparagus dumplings
  8. veg and chive dim sums

After having all this me and my friends finally stepped up for the last and the favorite part of a meal for me atleast, the dessert section, rather than tasting 3 desserts I was stuck on Choco war, which truly deserves the title as I would start war with anyone if I have to  share this dessert. Chilled, with chocolate and caramel base and layered with multi tasting palate, it  was mind boggling.


After having an indelible moments of delectable moments and dishes, it was time for a subtle rendezvous with the ambiance and the concept of TWIST.

The name pretty much suggests that the whole concept must be something erratic or unusual but the fact is that the restaurant serves Chinese food but that’s the catch, the twist is all about food, the chef actually innovated the dishes and had also come up with different concept on Chinese food and its relevancy towards the subtlety of its cultural food. Pan Asian all of sudden becomes a bit desi connect in here and incontrovertible to state that the result is outstandingly extraordinary.

There are 3 major highlights to  this  venue:

a. three way sitting, as there is an outdoor sitting which very spacious and comfortable as well, then there is live bar and couch comfort access sitting, which is  right juxtapose to couch and bar, a very fascinating accommodation it is and lastly the fine dine area where there is very beautiful wall figurines and also the roof has Chinese caricatures imbibed for artistic approach, also there is a separate round table sitting meant for an entire family at once and is really very and truly impressive.

b. Secondly it is located at the ground floor and very nearby to the entrance o the cyber hub itself, easy approach does bring an ergonomic factor of human patience, and that it also is beautifully highlighted as a big bottle of alcohol is placed right in front of the venue.

c. lastly, while entering I was stupefied while noticing an exclusive and world class collection of some really exotic and exquisite wine which are available only in European nations or in this venue. A whole room is meant for this purpose right in the middle of the venue making it very appealing for the restaurant and fascinating for the patrons.

The owner is unequivocally a man of words and dedication as this place brings that zest of party and class together at once in here while dinning and partying. Much appreciated was the quick services and class apart food and more than that was the owners hospitality and conduct of  the staff. Remarkable.

Loved it.



“FACTORY BY SUTRA”, is an authentic Microbrewery & Pub. Set up on 12,000 sq ft. area in Sector-29 – the food-hub of Gurgaon. Factory by Sutra’s ambience and theme gives you an ideal Factory feel instantly. The interiors & décor has a great “WOW” factor. The unique facility of a dedicated co-working space on the first level allows you to embrace a chic way of working; it adds a lot of value to the place and is perfect if you like working for yourself and not by yourself! Factory is a fresh take on a cafe’, microbrewery and co working area all combined to create a unique and beautiful space that is fun, energetic and inspiring.

Factory’s Micro-Brewery Plant and machinery is an integral part of the interiors. The Factory theme and décor, which is very raw, the large Container and brewery lay out to completely bowl you over. The beer is handcrafted by the Expert brew-master on site – hence it’s called “Craft” beer. Factory by Sutra boasts of its quality, unfiltered fresh beers full of Proteins. The Beers on offer are German Lager, German Wheat, Dunkel Wheat and Irish Black.

Factory offers you the best of gastronomy and electric nightlife experience.

The authentic Indian, Oriental & European delicacies along with selected Mexican and Turkish Flavors truly compliment the beers.  The Live Pizza Section offers variety of Pizzas, North Indian Kebabs, Karari Roti is a speciality.

The freshly brewed & hand crafted beer is the highlight of Factory by Sutra; the cocktails made by the charismatic bartenders are, to really vouch for. Apart from this, bar menu also offers the best varieties of Champagnes, Wines, Premium Single Malts, Scotches, Cocktails, Mocktails, Bourbon & Irish Whiskey.

Factory by Sutra menu offers enticing North Indian, European & Oriental cuisine consisting of Salads like “Ceasar Salad”, “Beetroot & Malta salad”, “Non-Veg Kebab platter” etc. The main courses consisting of variety of “Indian & Oriental” made by our experienced Chef’s, “Grilled Chicken with Red Wine Sauce”, “Kolkata Rolls”, “American Chop suey” etc. For the Indian taste buds a must try dish is their “Factory Special Paneer tikka”, “Dahi Ke Kebab”, “Seekh E Nazakat”, “Achari Chicken Tikka”, “Amritsari Macchi Tikka” etc. The variety of Burgers, Desserts is the other delicacies from the Chef’s at Factory by Sutra.

The exotic seven day lunch Buffet features unique, mouth-watering specials each week and a comfortable and relaxed dining experience for the whole family.



Sattvik introduces 5-course Navratri Thali

Sattvik Restaurant is located in Select CITYWALK, Delhi’s most exciting Shopping & Entertainment Destination situated in the heart of South Delhi. Need for a good fine-dining restaurant in South Delhi that serves only vegetarian food gave birth to the idea of this restaurant.  Since it serves pure vegetarian food the name was derived from   sāttvika  – relating to or endowed with the quality sattva (Sanskrit word referring to  pure, true, genuine, honest, good, virtuous). Since it’s inception in 2008 it has been a place where people come and relax and have a hearty meal and holistic fine dining experience.


Sattvik- Delhi’s premier all-vegetarian fine dining north Indian restaurant has launched its Navratra special Thali.

Navratra is a nine-day long festival as a part of which people do not consume foods such as onion and garlic which are traditionally considered Tamsik or ‘negative’ in essence. However, this year with Sattvik introducing Navratra special Thali, consumers can savour some of their favourite traditional North Indian dishes without having to wait for these nine days to pass.

Sattvik’s fully loaded Thali will surprise you with a multitude of flavours and textures. It include a delicious range of beverage, snacks, mains and desserts- a total of over 15 items such as Masaladaar Chaach, Sabudana Papad, Paneer Malai Tikka, Tandoori Shakarkandi, Jimikand ki Tikki, Tandoori Fruit Chaat, Shakarkandi and Anar ka Salad, Kuttu aur Singhare ki Puri, Samak aur Gulab ki Kheer, Gud Makhana and many other such satvik delights. Those fasting this Navratri (even those who are not!) could not have asked for more!


It was indeed a very indelible experience and the food was so filling, incontrovertibly one of the best Navratras ever celebrated.

Loved it.

Review Credit : SAGAR


We at Delhi Food Club love to try new things. We jump at the opportunity to explore interesting eateries. Food delivery services are our favourite because then we can chill at home with our beer and order what we like. Fresh Menu is a brand new service that helps people like us to do just that.

Fresh, delicious food, delivered at your convenience is amazing but we are usually not easily pleased. has some very attractive pictures on its website and what we loved the most is that they delivered exactly when they said they would. Their punctuality was impressive. If you want a fast food delivery service in gurgaon or a fast food delivery service in delhi, pick Fresh Menu.


Coming to the food, the Dim sum is what we started with. This isn’t fine dining at all. These dim sums were proper street food kind of dim sums, comfort food at its best.


Then came the Farfalle, the sauce of which was very subtle, a little too subtle but we liked.


The desserts consisted of a mind-blowing chocolate tart with a crumbly cookie base and rich and creamy chocolate  ganache. The brownie was good too.

Overall, our experience was quite fulfilling.