Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice at The Masala Library

Food With Saylee

Its tough to actually talk about Masala Library without sounding lavish and flamboyant.

What’s so special about this particular restaurant that its almost always full? That you hear stories of people making reservations months well in advance? That visiting it for a meal is a matter of prestige? Well that’s what the Kalras’ Masala Library is all about!


The pioneer in Molecular Gastronomy on Indian food, we did end up going gaga over the mere presentation of the dishes when we first heard about the place. From exotic names like the Jalebi Caviar to the Dal Chawal Arancini, this statement maker inspired throngs of similar (but no where close) restaurants to follow suit. Hence its quite safe to say that its my favourite when it comes to molecules and modern Indian cooking styles, proven by all the accolades Masala Library has received.


Often described as a modern Indian gastronomic voyage…

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