Shahi Paratha Roll – A Street Food Concept Restaurant!!


Shahi Paratha Roll is a desi street food concept restaurant, specializing in BBQ Paratha Roll (Kati Roll) & Bun Kabab (Pav). My food blogging journey got an invite to try out this deliciously unique outlet in International City.

2016-04-03 21_Fotor 29.jpgThe Joint

The comfy red leather seating, the bright yellow on the walls, beautiful artifacts on black shelves and depiction of bottles of spices were enough to win me over. Two flat screen LED are placed and we got to enjoy the finals of T20 cricket with some delicious food on. The price is totally budget free so you can order as much as you can.

2016-04-03 20_Fotor 5.jpgThe Ambiance

2016-04-03 20_Fotor 3The Ambiance

2016-04-03 21_Fotor 13_Fotor_Collage.jpgThe Ambiance

The place offers both indoor and outdoor seating and the best part is you can park and leave your car in the front of the outlet and the restaurant takes care of it.

2016-04-03 20_Fotor 12.jpgOutdoor Seating

The owner so much of…

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