Restaurant Review: ‘Naan’ery @ Baluchi

The Feast That's Life

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Some meals are not just about the food, they are about the entire dining experience. And if a superlative dining experience is what you are looking for, Baluchi is the place for you. The signature Pan Indian restaurant at The Lalit, Baluchi serves authentic Indian food, matched with splendid service. The restaurant also features a huge wine cellar, which is home to a range of old and new world wines.

Baluchi has also come up with an interesting concept of a ‘Naan’ery (Naan + wine) wherein they offer a selection of three artisanal breads, paired masterfully by their Head Sommelier Charles, with some house wines. The Naanery section is separate from the main restaurant seating, and one gets to see the breads being made live. This innovative concept is a brilliant initiation into the world of wines for those who are relatively unfamiliar with it. At the…

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