Peshawari @ ITC Grand Maratha: Timeless classic


I visited Peshawari at ITC Grand Maratha for the first time around 10 years ago…and fell in love with the food there! The love still remains – for the same, luscious fare: the Dal Bukhara, the Paneer Khurchan, Vegetarian platter and the naans/kulchas.

Amongst all the eateries across that I have been to; and even the ones within ITC, Peshawari is probably a league apart. The simple, concise menu of the choicest North-Western Frontier food consisting of kebabs, tandoori delicacies and the bukhara recipes with rich gravies and mild spices, leave you gastronomically satiated; but asking for more. Being a vegetarian, I of course do not have the privy to comment on the non-veg platters, kebabs and curries; but whenever I have had friends and colleagues join for a meal, have only heard how they have gotten bowled over (and mocked at what I am missing!).

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