NH1 Kitchen & Bar

We all have those friends (nope, this is not a Facebook meme)… Anyway, I was saying, we all have those friends who are hell bent on ensuring that you die hungry, ‘coz you know I don’t wanna eat a sandwich, I don’t want to go so far, I want a drink and we can’t g here coz it doesn’t serve one  and so on…

That happened to me yesterday when I was literally just hanging on to my dear life, famished! Yup, I was that hungry and I am overly dramatic when I am hungry. No kidding! So when we landed upon NH1 on our dear friend Zomato and saw that this place serves alcohol and is within our end of month budget, we decided to give it a try.

Those who have not been to dingy restaurants with buzzing crowd maybe a little apprehensive when they first see this…

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