Kempinski Ajman New York Style Friday Brunch at Italian Restaurant Sabella (8)Fridays are easily marked as family day in everyone’s calendar, but mutually agreeing upon what to do on this blessed day can be impossible at times. For me, it’s either indulging in extremely introvert lifestyle closed behind my bedroom doors or taking a trip down to my family’s favourite hangout spot Kempinski Hotel Ajman. And this time, we were trying out the Indoor New York Style Summer Friday Brunch at their Organic Italian Restaurant Sabella.
Italian Restaurant Sabella Review in Kempinski Hotel AjmanIt’s not just the dazzling food or refreshing atmosphere which makes me speak so highly of this hotel, the pleasant greeting and warm welcome by the staff wins our heart every single time.

A special mention to Kempinski’s true happy spirit, their Magical Head Pastry Chef who makes my desserts fantasy come to live every single time. If the first thing that your eyes lay upon is  a chocolate shawarma, consider it your luckiest day…

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