Farzi Cafe : DLF Cyberhub

Msz Knowitall

Everyone in India has been raving about Farzi cafe, and this year when I visited India for my annual vacation it was on my must-visit-and-be-gluttonous list. Weeks went by and we got so busy with family functions, friends, etc etc that the Farzi dream seemed to be slipping away. And then the younger brother came-a visiting along with his adorable girlfriend. No more reason was needed. Husband, me, brother and girlfriend made our way there on a wonderful Saturday afternoon and sat down to eat.

And eat we did. With our eyes, hands, and minds.

The food at Farzi cafe is a delight, for the tastebuds and for other senses too. The presentation delights your sight, the wonderful fragrances emanating from the appetisers and mains gets your salivary glands all hyper-active, and the deliciousness of the actual food makes you speechless. I was on cloud nine throughout the meal. They start…

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