Elegance Redefined @ The Palms

The Suavy Glutton

The phrase and the restaurant’s name in this instant case, “The Palms”, will bring about thoughts of luxury, often depicted in resort chains along coastlines and other such lavish inns with posh interiors and relaxing amenities. The Southern Avenue region has its own Palms in the form of a chic looking restaurant serving Asian and European cuisines alongside superfluity and calmness.
You can get to this eatery by getting down at Kalighat metro station and talking a 2 minute walk towards Southern Avenue and Rashbehari crossing. The restaurant is on the first floor of the building it is situated in, so keep your eyes open if you don’t wanna miss it. We had been invited here for dinner on the occasion of a Blogger’s Meet organised by Shahbaaz Zaman in co-ordination with the owner, Priyadarshini Dey, who was a delightful host and accompanied us during the entire event.


In order…

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