New Menu at the Dirty Apron

Dirty Apron, city’s first Eurasian restaurant by Piano Man launched their new menu and we were invited for a tasting session of the same. At the onset, loved the warmth and vibes of the place. Its a very relaxed kind of an atmosphere where you can just sit back and relax while enjoying some good food.

The menu designed for the evening comprised of some selected cocktails, salad, soups, pizzas and desserts.

We ordered POT, a vodka based cocktail, and it tasted quite good. We were also served a n assortment of canapés which weren’t really a part of the menu, but were good to taste.


The canapés were followed by Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Soup and Green Apple & Vermouth Cold Soup. Both the soups were unusual and tasty. I loved the distinct taste that each soup had, without overpowering any of the ingredients. The green apple & vermouth cold soup is something you should definitely try, this is one thing I am going back for very soon.

Along with the soup a platter of assorted salad was served and it had three different types of salad, each better than the other. This is something you must try whenever you visit the place.


A variety of pizzas were served in main course and we tried Pepperoni Pizza, Bulgogi Chicken Pizza and Chicken Basilica. All of them very very good, but I personally loved the Pepperoni one. The crust of the pizza is something really worth appreciating, so thin and crisp, its great.

The desserts were amazing too, there was Blueberry Cheesecake and Kaffir Lime Scented Creame Brulee. I opted for the cream brulee and found it to be really awesome. The taste of lime infused in the creamy custard was perfect.

I would surely love to visit the place sometime soon again and recommend it to all the readers.



Review – The Chatter House, Nehru Place

Chatter House - Veggie Pizza

First thing that you realise as soon as you enter the place is the English theme. 70 to 80% of the place is built of wood and bricks and rest is iron. Music is good, one of the few places left that strictly play Classic Rock which goes just fine with the ambience. They have a Retro night on Saturday and also have live bands on and off. The place also plans to introduce Karaoke nights on Thursdays. It is an ideal place to enjoy meal and have nice conversation. In fact the owners are so concerned about the talking bit that they named the place Chatter House !! (Should have banned the mobiles though)

And now I will talk about the thing that matters most – Food & Beverages

The place has a well stocked bar and offer some interesting and innovative cocktails along with the classic ones. The menu card, especially for the beverages section, gives a pictorial description of the drink which prepares the patrons for what’s in store. That comes in quite handy for those who like to try something new.

The place is a delight for non-vegetarians. One is spoilt for choices as the menu is lavish to say the least. I so wish I could say that for vegetarian affair but the choices are limited in that section.

Soul On Red Bed

Soul on Red Bed is Pan seared fish with Ratatouille Risotto, Saffron Veloute and topped with Herb Salad. It is very filling and one serving can satisfy most people. Has a strong flavour of Tomato but tasty overall.

Pollo E Pesto Pizza

Pollo E Pesto Pizza has chicken breast, sun-dried tomato and pesto sauce. Nothing wrong with this one.

Piggy & Ginnie

Piggy and Ginnie is pork belly and prawn angio oilo drizzled with sweet chilli sauce. The pork was a bit chewy, probably because of all the fat it contains, and the chilli sauce was going very well with it.

Mediterranean Style Prawns

Mediterranean Style Prawns – Delicious. That’s all

Gosht Biryani

Biryani is one of the dishes that has a lot of aromatic spices and one of them tends to overpower all others if not put in exactly right proportions. I must say here that the chef did a very good job at  making gosht biryani. All the flavours were competing with each other, gosht was well cooked and rice was good too.

Belly Kulcha

Belly Kulcha is another pork dish made with tomato gravy and served in a bread kulcha. No complaints on this one either.

Herb Marinated Vegetarian Pizza

Herb Marinated Vegetarian Pizza was the first vegetarian dish I ate. To my delight, there was no effort made to make it desi. It was as authentic as it gets. Pizza lovers need to grab this one.

Creamy Polenta with Mushroom Ragout


Creamy Polenta with Mushroom Ragout was not up to my taste. Mushrooms were tasty but the polenta was too salty and a bit undercooked for my taste.

Blue Cheese Naan with Dal Makhani Shots

Blue Cheese Naan with Dal Makhni is a signature dish of The Chatter House. The naan has a very strong flavor of blue cheese and is tasty. As for Dal Makhni, it was one of the best I have had. Can’t say anything more than that.

Toastadas and Dahi Kebab

Toastadas were good and Dahi Kebab had a slight garlic aftertaste. Not usual but very good indeed.

Gooey Chocolate Cake


Apple Crumble

Both the desserts were good but special mention for Apple Crumble. What struck me the most was that there were different and contrasting textures within one dish and they all combined together to give a great taste.

The restaurant is also participating in the DineFest event (August 12 till August 21). During this, the diners will get 3 course prix fixe menus at a fraction of a la carte rates. Details and reservations can be checked on

To sum it all up, the place is definitely worth a visit. For vegetarians, as I mentioned earlier, the choices are not much but Dal Makhni and Apple Crumble are worth it. As for the non-vegetarians, you can not go wrong with this one !!

So #letsgotochatter



Review Credit: Sumit

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Review: NH44, Rajouri Garden

What comes to mind when you hear National Highway 44 (NH44) – variety – from one corner of the country to the other – from Kashmir to Kanyakumari – variety in culture, food and people. The same variety has been adapted as a theme of the restaurant NH44 in Rajouri Garden, the upcoming food destination in the capital.

With variety in mind, the menu of NH44 has been designed to satisfy taste buds of every region – whether it is the goshtaba from north of the country or Chettinad Chicken from the south part. The menu itself is designed as a truck, enliving the soul of the stretch.

the menu

welcome shots

The place is grand, reflecting the life style of the people in the area. The dhaba theme of the restaurant in no way alters the grandness – be it the servers’ uniforms, the seating or the decor.

The grand menu showcasing recipes from Kashmir to KanyaKumari does full justice to every region and it’s cuisine. We started our journey with an aam panna shot, a welcome drink which was amazing. The first course of starters saw soya sheekh kebabs, paneer tikka, chicken tikka, chicken malai tikka and chicken seekh kebab come to our table – each dish was delectable and we had no complains. Kancheepuram idlis and Masala dosa with an assolutely lip smacking sambhar & assortment of chutneys made way then – the sambhar is marvelous and hadn’t it been for the spread promised further, I would have devoured more portions of it. Palak Patta chat is among the best available in the city, which retained it’s crunch even after a a good 10 minutes. Vada Pav is very close to the ones available in Mumbai but somehow the pav didn’t have the perfect moisture.

vada pav

masala dosa

palak patta chaat

kancheepuram idli

chicken malai tikka and seekh kebab

chicken tikka

paneer tikka

The main spread consisted of Lasooni Palak ke kofte – a must try here – with melt in the muth balls of spinach with a hint of garlic in a tomato gravy. Lal Maas has that authentic smell and taste that makes you gorge on it, and we did – perfectly cooked pieces of lamb in that spicy and flavorful gravy – bliss. Chicken Chettinad here can beat most in the city, I just missed some appams to go on with it. Dal Makhani is something they can’t afford to get wrong, and they didn’t, it was very flavorful.

lasooni palak ke kofte

chicken chettinad

laal maans

Desserts were surprising – beetroot ka halwa and gil-e-bahist were masterpieces by the chef. Skeptical about the beetroot at first, it was love at first bite! Gil-e-bahist is a sinful concoction of rabri, phirni and kalakand, curated by the chef. The desserts lacked in presentation, as compared to starters and main course, but that was fully compensated by the flavours.

beetroot halwa



Review Credit: Abhik Dasgupta

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