Bloggers Meet @ Junkyard Cafe, Saket, New Delhi



I start this review with these pics to evidentialise the fact that the whole experience was more than just outstanding or even to quote extraordinary.

Located @ Ground Floor, Unit 12, Southern Park Mall, Saket, New Delhi,  this place is definitely amongs’t the top contenders of this arena as this particular proximity is filled with these joints and to also mention that this is the 3rd outlet of  this branch named Junkyard Cafe, which to my experience are really good at Gastronomical cooking and amazing productive stuff out of that cooking.

This was a bloggers lunch organised to portray the newly established outlet of this brand and it had a lot to offer to it’s patrons. From presentation to taste and from quality to quantity, even the staff and there services were remarkable and appreciable to all extent.

Going by the pics it is pretty much clear that it was multi cuisine lunch but on a exemplifying mode it was Italian, Lebanese, North Indian and few more. The dishes served were, Kebabs, Palak Papri Chaat, Pizza – Margarita and  Veg exotic also the non veg pizza which included chicken pizza. Then came the chicken tikka of various types, marinated with various condiments. Gradually it came to Masala Corns, chicken Kulcha, Mezze Platter, Spring rolls, Fresh juices were also part of the entire meal and finally the Tiramisu as the dessert which completed the entire palate.

The meal was unconditionally delicious and unquestionably very appetizing merely by seeing also. It was a delightful experience to visit this venue and taste the amazing food in here by socializing with other bloggers as well.



Review Credit:  SAGAR

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