Dubai is just as SPECTACULAR as they tell you!

Being a travel and food blogger is the best thing that can happen to a person. You get to travel widely and enjoy the most delicious treats money can buy. My most recent trip to Dubai is what I can’t forget for years.

We see pictures online about the “extravagance” that is Dubai. The things to do, the places to see, the cars and the monumental structures. It is a dream. International flights from Delhi to Dubai are so inexpensive these days and if you plan in advance and pick certain flight routes then you don’t even have to stopover anywhere. Delhi to Dubai flights can be obtained at unimaginable prices these days, you just have to find the right websites.

I reached around Christmas and New Year and it sure was festive. There are a million things to do in Dubai and I started by visiting Sky Dive Dubai. To sky dive like Hrithik Roshan you will have to pay around 2000 AED and that’s exactly what I did. It was a mind-blowing, once in a lifetime experience. If you are in Dubai and you miss Sky Dive Dubai then you will have to fly back to give it another try.


Then came the beautiful Jebel Ali Resort where we celebrated Christmas. It was a very expensive affair, we did not see any “desi” people around, only “phirungs”.


There was pony writing, singing, meeting santa, cocktails and lovely celebrations – ideal for kids and adults alike. We danced all afternoon.

New Year was something like I hadn’t ever imagined or experienced.


It was at Burj al Arab. The only 7 star hotel in the world. You can’t even begin to imagine how grand that place is. JBH is where the winter wonderland was. We celebrated with a lot of popular singers from the UK as the Arabs made it snow in this desert.


I could never imagine in a million years that I will ever be able to watch the new year 2016 countdown on Burj al Arab, followed by fireworks that lasted almost 30 minutes. Being in Dubai is no less than a miracle. What these Arabs do always amazes us mere mortals. The grandeur, the scale and the magnanimity of the projects they take over is absolutely astonishing.


My whole team and I were watching in amazement as the fireworks ended after thirty minutes.

Don’t even get me started on the food. What do they not have? They have everything. They kinds of things I tasted that day I had only seen on TV. The most amazing sea food and the freshest produce made my new year even more special. The amount of champagne we had that day I can’t even recall but all I remember is that it was a fun night.

The best time to visit Dubai is certainly between October to February, anytime after that it is just too hot. However, there are so many indoor activities in Dubai, especially at the Dubai Mall that whenever you go, you will never be bored. Since my first visit I have been to Dubai three times already and everytime I visit, it is like going to a whole new place. There is so much development happening in Dubai that with every visit you will be surprised with something new.

My next visit, I’ll have to check out the Miracle Garden that I missed last time!



Stop My Starvation – like literally!

Stop My Starvation is a small breakfast joint in the Malviya Nagar Market. With a name as quirky as ’Stop My Starvation’ this place aims to satiate your small time immediate hunger. We all have those moments when we know dinner is ready at home but we need to grab a quick bite to satisfy the tummy, telling it to believe that more is coming just in a while. So, this is the place you would want to head to the next time you have your quick bite moments.



Their menu has crepes, waffles, sandwiches and shakes. This is one of the few places that serves crepes in Delhi and that too with both sweet and savoury fillings. Similarly, it was the first time that I had a waffle with vegetable/chicken toppings instead of the usual maple syrup and ice cream to go with it. Their waffles’ dough is simply melt in the mouth. They are preparing it with Malted Barley which is being imported from US and that makes their snack options even more delicious and healthy. And, on top of that, all of their sweet waffles by default come with a scoop of ice cream. Also, they have add on options for toppings in case you want to customize.

Some of the things that I ordered here were:

Magic Mushroom: It was a savoury waffle with mushroom, cream and cheese topping, sprinkled with herbs. Great to taste. As mentioned above, super soft dough of waffles and the gooey mushroom with cheese and cream was making it all the more tempting.


Archie’s Favourite: This was a savoury crepe with chicken keema filling. The chicken keema was cooked to perfection in delectable chipotle sauce. It was a light dish and the flavours were coming out really well.


Nutella Factory: Heavenly is the word for this dessert. Waffles laid with Nutella spread along with ice cream scoop and chocolate sauce- simply yummy! After having the above two dishes, I still can’t remember how fast I finished this one and still wanted some more. It was the hero dish for me.


After trying out a couple of dishes at Stop My Starvation, I  would recommend this as the pit stop while you’re shopping, coming back from a class or even on your way to home from office. It is a super pocket friendly destination. Nowhere would you find a Nutella waffle along with ice cream priced at 120/- bucks. They are also delivering till a radius of 3 km in their vicinity. What more can one ask for!