Hive Kitchen & Bar- Restaurant Review

Recently we visited this place, Hive Kitchen & Bar, tucked away in Green Park Market.

The moment you enter, you fall in love with the calm and inviting ambience, its one of those places where you would just want to sit, eat good food, and relax.

Starters: We had Beer Battered Amritsari Styled Fish Nuggets, Naan Pizza, Crispy Chicken Croquettes and Ceaser Salad.

The fish was great and best out of the lot, perfectly crisp, yet mouth melting. The naan pizza was the second best, was very soft and had a great taste. The chicken croquettes were also good, but nothing exceptional there and so was the teaser salad, good, but not exceptional.


Chicken Croquettes


Beer Battered Amritsar Styled Fish Nuggets


Caesar Salad


Naan Pizza

Drinks: Being a whisky drinker, I chose Whisky Sour and it was amazing, whisky lovers would definitely give it a try.


Main Course: The main course included, Indian Styled Spiced Chicken with Rice, Juicy Lamb Burgers and Half Chicken Roast.

The Indian Spiced Chicken was outstanding, it tasted just too good. The gravy was very well done, and I can anytime go back for it.

The Juicy Lamb Burgers were to die for, they tasted so amazing.

The Chicken Roast, was good too, but again, it wasn’t exceptional, I can give this one a miss, and rather try their other delicacies.


Juicy Lamb Burger


Half Chicken Roast


Indian Styled Spiced Chicken with Rice

Desserts: There was warm apple pie with vanilla ice-cream and red velvet cake. I simply loved them both, but the apple pie certainly comes at the first position.


Red Velvet Cake


Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Overall it was a very pleasant experience and one should definitely visit this place for an awesome ambience and great food.




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