Review “Moets Oh! Bao”

In the midst of the very heart of  Delhi, is Defence Colony, and from the makers of Moets in the market of Defence Colony is this new venture by Moets itself, giving the shape and future to  the Honk Kong concept  and introducing the Bao concept in Delhi with absolute authenticity.

The name is `Oh! Bao`, pretty eccentric and fancy with appealing concept on the row of making the famous Hong Kong cuisine, a hit in Delhi. As what was told by the chef is Baos are like tacos with thick bread like kulchas but aberrantly different from both in taste and presentation.

As far as the interiors are concerned, the place is equipped and looks suave, at the same time have the aura of an authentic Chinese joint. The walls are well textured, the lamps and the way the staff is on their toes with immensely satisfying services to the patrons and most imperatively the food which was no less than a musical note, as to played by a maestro himself.

The sitting accommodation was well founded and synchronized as well as the mis-match in sitting came as pretty handy concept of fashion as it looked different and adorable.

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After grabbing the seat, the first thing shows up is some kind of salad with add on snacks for the increase in hunger, as the add-ons are so delicious I might have fulfilled myself with that only. eventually came mix veg soup, that had broccoli, mushroom, spinach, garlic and what not, it was really soothing for the appetite. Then gradually came all different kind of dishes which were really difficult to spell but so delectable and tempting as it becomes irresistible to control once I saw those dishes. From presentation to taste and quality it was all so fabulous. Chimichanga Rolls, Mushroom and tofu baos, Italian Mock-tail, Tiramisu, Moets Faluda Kulfi, Crystal Dumplings, Veg Sushi, Rice with Maphatofu gravy and the trail went long and that being human existence constrained me else I wouldn’t have let this trail stop.

Not only were they so amazing in taste, their presentation was also very nice and laudable to the credit of presenting so beautifully. It was a perfect lunch with Chinese on my palate.

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It was a perfect noon with a perfect venue and a perfect lunch with this perfect Chinese, which is still on taste buds.

Loved it very much.

#oh bao#oh bao

Review Credit: Sagar


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