Review “Kebabs & More Festival @ Earthern Oven”

The Fortune Select Excalibur, Gurgaon @ Sohna Road, is one of the finest brands from the very famous and exorbitant tag namely ITC Hotels, and also not to forget one of the most prestigious and defining brand in the industry of hospitality.

Like every other hotel, this hotel also has a magnificent and an ineffable aura of perfection and beauty within. From that very insouciant and suave spectacularity comes their North-Indian brand in restaurant section namely “Earthen Oven”, which is again a speechless impeccability of their resplendence and creativity and rest the staff has all the credibility of making and taking it to that particular level. Mr. Aditya Oberoi, the Head of this very entity and also Chef Inder Dev, The Head Chef for this organization, were both present and their company was so special for us, that its beyond expectations. Coming to the fest that they had organized is, that the Fortune Select Excalibur, through Earthen Oven, wants to make the people realize the true sense of Kebabs and their taste with quality uncompromized.

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A little sneak into the eclectic and trendy interior without loosing that classic look of an exuberant brand, further it was more fun to acknowledge the fact that the dining area is right adjacent to the pool, which makes it even more classic and amazing to go and relish the dishes with, as the beautiful blue liquid is right in front of you and that the dining section can be arranged outside right next to the pool at wish of the patron. The live kitchen is a very conceptualized concept and it was really nice to see it with such authentic ways of making the dishes and presenting them in its most quintessential aspect. The chef preparing the dishes right in front of you, the way it was prepared everything was just ultimate fun to watch being a foodie. The place was big and the window view was really admirable. The place can easily accommodate 70 to 80 people and cannot forget the live Gazal performance which was going on for the patrons and which is very soothing.

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I am only out of words as to where to start this fabulous food journey of mine while sitting there and relishing all those extraordinary culinaries at once, whilst the beverages included with such refreshing meal. To ponder on shall I start with paneer tikka, seekh kebab, haryali Kebab, chicken tikka, lamb ghosht, palak paneer, family naan, lal mirch naan, daal parantha, chilly cheese missi roti, Daale-fortune, virgin mojito, sweet lassi, cauliflower kebab, mix meat curry, lal maas curry, kofta curry, dahi ke kebab, aaloo mashed mix round-ups & all the add-ons or condiments. These are those dishes which I can remember, it was like an inexorable round of different delicacies with every dish to be called flawless in every perspective. I would rate it 10/10 in every corner and upfront with the way the staff operates and the way the patrons are handled. It was an honor to visit this venue and have a piece of their cake, and it was class apart experience for me as well as my friend. And since no meal is complete without the final touch of  sweetness, the dessert which turned up was not only outstanding but also made me inclined to ask the chef that what exactly the magic was because it was so scintillating and amazing, I couldn’t constrain myself before I realized I just cleaned the entire plate without even a snig.

#fortune & WAD#fortune & WAD#fortune & WAD#fortune & WAD

Gulab Jamun with a hint of honey and few add ons which made it magical in taste and similarly the best ever Ras Malai that I have ever had was in here, and finally the mouth freshener, the traditional meetha paan, which finally made the meal all in all a memorable one for me till the time it exist, I am surely going to this venue as much as I like it and as much as it is appealing and adorable food wise, I am in awe of it like insanely. Loved it.

Review Credit : Sagar.


Review “The Addams House”

The name is itself so proverbial and so reminiscent on merely by hearing this term, makes me nostalgic, as it was one of the most viewed and one of my favorite toon on Cartoon Network. And if one remembers the concept of this family, it was eccentric and unusual and so this new place which is a debutante in Sector 29, the very party place of entire Gurgaon, except few to budge on.

The place is the new call from a new venture and none the less to mention, comes in with pretty eclectic interior and nice textures to the entirety of  the venue.

#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house

The place has different places to accommodate with a convenience factor coming in as perk, with due respect, the rooftop is about to be launched and going by the view what I saw by visiting the rooftop, its definitely a real deal. Its either the lounge with a live bar, or  the high seat facility or  even on roof with convenient seating arrangement. In totality its surely a kill some factor for  the rivals in the same league. Apart from this, the drinks and the names are too aberrant or even presented with a twist to bring in that wow factor. I am still thinking the intellect that the person must have come up  with to call for that creativity.

It was a delight to have such amazingly tasting and delicious treats of delectable food and refreshing drinks to gorge on. Be it White sauce Spaghetti Pasta, Chicken steaks, Cottage Cheese steaks, Paneer Tikka, Chicken Tikka, 3 Cheese baby corn Rolls with exquisite dip (Three Things), Cheese balls, bring me red “burger”, fettuccine Pasta and to recall the beverages name is pretty tough, so its better to take a look at them and judge yourself, because I had a zing every time I took a sip  from each one of  them, I was even ready to start a battle for Ginger strawberry slush mock tail. So here it goes;

#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house#the addams house

It was after having each one of these, and like merely tasting every dish presented and every beverage sipped once, I was in a stance of amazement, which I still am contemplative about, why did I lost it, it was such an excellent time spent relishing those dishes and drinks one by one. Awesome it was. And as it is said, no meal is complete without a sweet dish, the core of the meal came at the end and it was yummy and delicious and I want more and more of it even right now. Beetroot cake with such innovation was plausible is one tough job and they executed it very well.

#the addams house#the addams house

And that was the fun with the Addams family in their house, hope to see the family and have a reunion with them, every now and then because it was nice, the prices are good, affordable and place is alluring so definitely it  is a done deal for now  and for the coming years for  this venue. Hope to visit it very often. Loved it.

Review Credit: Sagar

Colors of South, Chettinad Food Festival @ Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon

Crowne Plaza held the amazingly aromatic Chettinad Food Festival. Starters consisted of Kozhi Varuval (masala coated fried chicken morsals), Kari Kola urandai (minced lamb dumplings spiked with chettinad spices), Keerai vadai (spinach and lentil patties), Vazhakai kola urandai (Golden kebabs of raw banana with coconut and chillies). Our favourite was the minced lamb. The flavours were delightful. The chutney it was served with was brilliant too.



The Main course consisted of “Meen kozhambu” (Spicy tangy fish curry simmered with shallots, cumin and curry leaves), “Kozhi uppkari Chettiyar” (spices rubbed chicken simmered with shallots and poppy seeds masala) but our favourite was the “Kari chops masala” (A traditional Lamb chop preperation).


We had a few vegetarians at the table who particularly enjoyed the main course “Kai Kari mandi” (A combination of vegetables , green chillies cooked in gravy of tamarind and garlic) and the Vellai poriyal Cauliflower and double beans tempered with garlic).


DSC_0850The desserts of “Kalkandu Pongal”(A sweet preration of sugar candy and rice) and “Chettiiyar carrot halwa” (Grated carrots and reduced milk finished with ghee and nuts). The buffet wasn’t restricted to only Chettinad food though. There was Sushi, Chinese and Chaat that we all loved.


The food festival lasted until the 20th of March and was hugely successful, the menu was changed almost everyday and the chefs ensured that the spices were just right to suit the taste of North Indians and Expats.

Review: The Tipsy Project, Janakpuri

Spread out on two floors with uncluttered seating, The Tipsy Project is a lightly dim place which is best for friends to hangout, have some drinks and food while enjoying the music or a game of cricket. The seating is comfortable, with options of accommodating large groups of friends, couples and a bar table. The music is loud, and the day we visited was a mix of Punjabi and English songs – though they definitely failed to impress me.

The mixed cuisine menu offers you quite a variety. Chicken Tai-Chi is stir fried boneless chicken pieces with a variety of bell pepper and other veggies, a sweet and sour sauce. I would have a preferred it to be drier, but that’s a personal preference. Crispy Congee Lamb is a winner – the lamb as it should be and the sauces maintain the balance. Baked Chicken Nachos fare well, with in-house nachos topped with chicken and cheese, but the salsa fails to impress – too sweet. Pita bread with hummus repeats the story – the pita bread is good, but the consistency of the hummus is not – it is watery, but the taste is perfect.

crispy crongee lamg

chicken tai-chi

baked chicken nachos

pita bread with hummus

The TTP Special Pizza wins hands down – a combination of veggies and loads of cheese on a thin crust, wood fired – bliss! Penne in Golden Sauce (you’re right it’s not gold and it’s not that costly as well 🙂) – basically a mix sauce is a must try – the individual flavors of pesto, arrabbiata and alfredo retain themselves and create a medley of flavors.

pasta in goldenn sauce

TTP special pizza

With an extensive beverage menu, TTP is surely going to keep the alcohol loving fraternity happy. We tried a few cocktails and mocktails – Cucumber Spritzer & Fruit Punch from the mocktails section – the former refreshing and the latter a must try – temperature, taste and texture – all get full marks! From the cocktails menu Dirty Martini, Sangria, Green Apple Martini  were ordered and they absolutely justified themselves. A glass of Masala Coke (very well made) complimented the main course very well.

dirty martini and green apple martini

For dessert, we could only try the TTP Special Pan Rabri – and I am pretty sure we didn’t make any mistake here – the pan flavor didn’t overpower, the sweetness was perfect. Wanted to try the Bailey’s Gulab Jamun as well, but our appetite didn’t agree with us!

paan rabri

A good place to hang out with friends, have some drinks & enjoy those moments of friendship and love with music or over a cricket match – TTP brings cheer to the residents and visitors of Janakpuri – yeah definitely a place to get tipsy!

Plot 4, C Block, Community Centre, Pankha Road,Janakpuri, New Delhi
Open 11 AM to 1 AM
North Indian, Chinese, Italian – Extensive beverage menu and Hookahs!

Review “High 5, Cafe & Bar”

When one steps in the parameters of Hauz Khas Village, one basic fact is realized at that very moment that, this place is all about loosing sanity and party as hard as possible because, it is the hub of the spark. name the type  of place one likes and this area is full of that and in midst of all of this, comes an addition to the sparkle of this glitz under the exuberant tag of `High 5, Cafe & Bar`, located right next too the parking spot of HKV, this place is at 1st floor, next to Choco Vault, this venue has recently re-launched itself as they have done some amendments in their infrastructure and interiors of this place, and most pertinent to mention, the change has some effect with amazing interior designs and excellent outlook rendered as a final result.


As what was told to me, that the venue consist of or is made of 5 elements, is what they have tried to convey in their interiors, wood, earth, air, fire, water. Also that the re-launch was based on the concept of making the patrons aware of  the expansion of  this very venue, as it was really scintillating to look for the wooden texture and concomitantly the rugged earthy look with similar seating arrangements also not to forget the red aura/light depicting fire and then the air factor which steps in while one steps out in the balcony area which gives quite an impressive view of  the outside with fresh air, also portraying cloudy roof and excellent work in entirety.

Next it was time to  jump to the quintessential criteria, the Food and beverage tasting session, that I have to admit, came in pretty inadvertent and extremely appealing.


Trust me, this was only the starters and each one of them had a flavor, I am still relishing in my mouth, the Fried Cottage Cheese Fingers, Spring Rolls, Char-grilled stuffed Soya Chaap, Chilly Paneer with lots of veggies, Paneer Tikka, Hara Bhara Kebab, and the very course started with two eccentric and yet very refreshing mock-tails which were Cucumber fizz and strawberry and watermelon slush served in the most exciting manner possible. Every dish was amazing and without any flaw, the taste and the quality were not compromising at all and at any point. Eventually after devouring the initial deal we stepped into the main course without even thinking for even a second as it was so tempting as it became hard for  us to wait for the real deal. Then came the main course round which we were really zealed up, and it paid upfront.


Then we dug into some of their amazing double  cheese green forest pizza with an apt amount of thickness to the base and cheesy and juicy layer of cheese, prefect Pizza for the Pizza lovers also their Arriabiata Penne Pasta with tantalizing garlic bread was an impeccable catch up. It was an unforgettable meal, but nothing is complete until the dessert and it was our lucky day to  have just the brownies with hot  chocolate sauce but that was fate that it came in so well, that I was taken aback with its excellent flavors. Hot, creamy and chocolaty and top it over fabulous in taste and presentation it was adorable.


Review Credit : Sagar

Om Books International And Olive Bar and Kitchen Launches “From My Kitchen To Yours” Celebrated VJ & Model Maria Goretti’s Debut Book

Mumbai, 2ndMarch 2016:  Om Books International launched the debut book of popular VJ and model Maria Goretti titled ‘From My Kitchen To Yours’ at Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mumbai. After a successful launch in the capital city, the splendid Mumbai launch was attended by a string of Bollywood and TV celebrities. 

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Review “Drift”, An American Diner.

“Any Food  presented to me in the most exorbitant restaurant, made by the most sophisticated chef cannot replace the quintessential taste and aroma of Diner from my senses”.

One of the very famous sayings of many ardent foodies that are addicted to diner dishes as with due respect one can take out the foodie aspect from a gourmand but not the authenticity factor. This venue right here, is an authentic, present in its most true sense of serving official American Diner cuisine in the mid of a cosmopolitan town that never sleeps.

Situated in Sector 44, Gurgaon and to  be precise in a place where culture collaborates with the lifestyle of this very commercialized entity, which is the Epicenter @ Sector 44, Gurgaon.

#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift

To start with, the interior was classic and had much of a wooden touch with urbane looks, very diligently the seats were allocated and so  was the entire accommodation for the ergonomical access of  the patrons. Gradually it came to my notice that a block of  wood with different props was also  kept in between the venue to give a svelte texture to  the outlook of  the venue and nonetheless the live bar giving a graceful portrayal of perfection to the entirety. The venue is divided into two blocks, at the entrance one can adjudge the buffet section and on the right hand side of the entrance is the sitting provision which also allows the customers to go for the ala-cart option as it comes on the discretion of the client. Compared to other restaurants, the quantity on which they serve with uncompromized quality is something I appreciated a lot. Not to forget the prices which were very reasonable and also a completely unconventional observation was made that in the menu, if someone scrutinizes, there is a non-veg and veg option but, also there is a special call for the Eggitarians, yes that’s right, Egg lovers has a new joint to venture and frolic about. Things like Veg omelet was seen by me for the first time, being an eggitarian gave me a relentless joy of  getting something I wanted for so long into a food menu.

Progressively it was time to step up for some delicious dishes to gorge on, and so the trail started.Before starting, one can observe that ketchup, American mustard, Maple syrup, Honey, Jam are already placed on the table for no disturbance once the plate is served to the patron, also straws and paper napkins for  the sanitary issues.

#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift #aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift

Initially we were served, Fried egg, with Cheese tomato, American Corn, Salad, Pan cakes and hash brown and not  to forget, the excellent smoothies and shakes which were chocolate and strawberry and also brownie flavors, absolutely amazing. Thick and appealing every sip it was.

Then the chef served us with different types of pastas and burgers, which were even hard to claim tat which one is better, as to  every dish was spectacularly awesome in taste and presentation.

#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift

All these were on the palate and so were there introductions to us as, Caesar Salad, Mushroom & Cilantro Burger, Curried Veg pasta with condiments and a very thick layer of dough served on Parmesan cream pasta along with condiments. This was all that was served and which was over than what our limit was and yet the amicability of  the manager and the services of  the staff and their never ending smile was so generous as that we still adhered to our seats and ordered A humongous glass of brownie blast and Affagato which is espresso on vanilla scoops and ex-pressingly delectable were both of them.

Not just that, the ending session came on to such a long confabulation that gradually a steaming cup of cappuccino was also ordered with crispy cookies along with it.

#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift#aqua & drift

Review Credit : Sagar.

Review “Moets Oh! Bao”

In the midst of the very heart of  Delhi, is Defence Colony, and from the makers of Moets in the market of Defence Colony is this new venture by Moets itself, giving the shape and future to  the Honk Kong concept  and introducing the Bao concept in Delhi with absolute authenticity.

The name is `Oh! Bao`, pretty eccentric and fancy with appealing concept on the row of making the famous Hong Kong cuisine, a hit in Delhi. As what was told by the chef is Baos are like tacos with thick bread like kulchas but aberrantly different from both in taste and presentation.

As far as the interiors are concerned, the place is equipped and looks suave, at the same time have the aura of an authentic Chinese joint. The walls are well textured, the lamps and the way the staff is on their toes with immensely satisfying services to the patrons and most imperatively the food which was no less than a musical note, as to played by a maestro himself.

The sitting accommodation was well founded and synchronized as well as the mis-match in sitting came as pretty handy concept of fashion as it looked different and adorable.

#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao

After grabbing the seat, the first thing shows up is some kind of salad with add on snacks for the increase in hunger, as the add-ons are so delicious I might have fulfilled myself with that only. eventually came mix veg soup, that had broccoli, mushroom, spinach, garlic and what not, it was really soothing for the appetite. Then gradually came all different kind of dishes which were really difficult to spell but so delectable and tempting as it becomes irresistible to control once I saw those dishes. From presentation to taste and quality it was all so fabulous. Chimichanga Rolls, Mushroom and tofu baos, Italian Mock-tail, Tiramisu, Moets Faluda Kulfi, Crystal Dumplings, Veg Sushi, Rice with Maphatofu gravy and the trail went long and that being human existence constrained me else I wouldn’t have let this trail stop.

Not only were they so amazing in taste, their presentation was also very nice and laudable to the credit of presenting so beautifully. It was a perfect lunch with Chinese on my palate.

#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao#oh bao

It was a perfect noon with a perfect venue and a perfect lunch with this perfect Chinese, which is still on taste buds.

Loved it very much.

#oh bao#oh bao

Review Credit: Sagar