Mad Batter

Mad batter is a new vegetarian bakery in town that truly is like the name suggests – quirky, colourful and literally mad. Where else will you try something like an apple rum mousse!


All this as Mad Batter’s combinations is unique and something you won’t find elsewhere like an apple rum mousse. Moreover, they are all eggless creations, which truly is amazing as the cakes are as moist as the ones with eggs – terrific.


The lady behind Mad Batter, Sanjana Aggarwal, was kind enough to send me some yummy samples and on our request (thankfully) reduced the portion sizes.


One of my favorite dessert was the almond banana chocolate no sugar muffin. You would not have believed how incredibly delicious they were and were kinda good for you. The muffin was moist and because it was healthy you did not feel heavy afterwards. Bananas and chocolate are a match made in heaven and this muffin proved that as well.

MUFFIN-1.JPGThe hazelnut cheesecake was decadent and sinful. I especially loved the combination of the sour cheese with the nutty hazelnut and of course chocolate. This was gobbled up in no time and my only complaint from this was that it could have been less sugary to lend it more balance.


The jars were what I sampled next – my favourite was the Bailey’s blast. It really was a boozy cake but again quite delicious. The cake was really moist and the buttercream was seriously good.

BROWNIE MOUSSE.JPGThe spiced rum brownie mousse was quite delicious as well. Although I will warn that cinnamon haters will not like it as it had a heavy dose of it. I like cinnamon but it was catching me at the back of my throat as well. The mousse though was sublime – fluffly and airy and light.

BAILEYS BLAST.JPGThe apple rum mousse is a sort of a “love me or hate me” kind of dessert. I am on the fence with this as though I really liked the texture of the mousse but I am not sold on the flavor combination. Though apple and rum is a great cocktail combination, this was a bit too bitter for me.


Fore me, among the many bakeries present in the city, Mad batter stands out for its bold choice of flavours and unusual combination. Keep trying everything and I am sure you will find the one dessert that you cant put down.


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