Chef in a box – Review

DIY recipe kits are all the rage in the ever-expanding food universe. They give you the excitement of a home cooked meal without wasting time in preparing for the food.

Chef in a box is a great addition to the DIY recipe kit segment as it not only has a variety of recipes but the ingredients and food come from the kitchens of the makers. In the words of the owner it is like “ food panda for recipe kits”.


I ordered four varied boxes so that I could get a fair idea of the food. Galouti kebabs, Chicken Khao Suey, Potoler dolma and finally tipsy tiramisu is what I went for.

The boxes arrived very neatly packed and additionally have the label of the kitchen from where it originates as well.

I began with the galouti kebabs, which were seriously good. The Awadhi tradition of keeping only a few flavourful masalas really worked well her. The best part is that a piece of charcoal was given so that you could smoke the galouti mixture and impress your guests too!




The khao suey was brilliant for two reasons. Firstly it tasted brilliant – the spice paste in this one really enhanced the flavor of the entire dish. Secondly khao suey is a tedious dish to make, taking a long time to assemble and prepare. But thanks to Chef in a box you can do it in 30 minutes and it tastes as good as anything else I’ve had.

Khao Suey 2.JPG         Khao 2.JPG

The potoler dolma was the only dish that I ordered which I hadn’t had before. It came highly recommended so I went for it and I wasn’t disappointed. It basically is fried parwal stuffed with mutton and prepared in a thick, kosha like spicy sauce. I loved the taste of it and it went beautifully with paranthas.

Potoler 2.JPG

Dolma 1.JPG


The highlight was without a doubt the next box, the tiramisu. What made it so good was clear from the box – quality of ingredients. Vicenzi ladyfingers were used for this and that clearly shows when you eat it. The mascarpone and egg mixture was divine, I mean I nearly gobbled it all up beforehand. The balance of this dessert was perfect and with Valentines around the corner, guys should buy this to impress and surprise their partners.

Tiramisu 1.JPGIMG_3261 2.JPG

It was a wonderful experience ordering from Chef in a box – plethora of dishes , prompt service and seriously tasty. Go order now!




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