ASIAN PAINTS-Statement Furniture.

It’s difficult to call a house a home if it lacks creature comforts. Without the right furniture and accessories a house is just an empty shell. Nevertheless, deciding how to furnish a home can be intimidating when you’re staring at blank walls.  Designing goes well beyond the expected aesthetics of color and pillow patterns. Though these do form an integral part of the bigger picture, an intelligent design of the interiors allows the space to reflect the owner’s lifestyle, balancing aesthetic and functionality in a way that they seamlessly merge together to compliment and transform the copious amounts of empty space and the bare walls.

After months of the rigorous process of construction, deliberating on the interiors of the space with a professional can be a very satisfying and fun process, provided you find a good partner like Asian Paints.!!!, as they bring a vision to your home and life. Asian Paints matches your online experience to your needs.

The store gives visitors great designs on customizing furniture with color palette like color-pro, color code, color spectra, color guide and more on wood. Asian Paints believe in “Try and Decide “and inspire us. They hosted a new “wood-tech” ideas like Vintage, Ethnic, European, Modern and Retro designed according to style, taste and personality. Creation Products like Wood-Tech Polyester, Wood-Tech Emporio Pu, Wood-Tech Polyester Pigmented, Wood-tech Emporio Pu Pigmented, Wood-tech Aquadur Pu Interior, Wood-tech Aquadur Pu Exterior, Wood-tech Pu Interior, Wood-tech Pu Exterior, Wood-tech Pu Palette Interior, Wood-tech Pu Palette Exterior, Wood-tech Melamyne Gold Clear, Wood-tech Melamyne,Wood-tech Touchwood Interior, Wood-tech Touchwood Exterior to inspire us!!!

We, the visitors should definitely choose Asian Paints Signature store because of Diversity and Ideas. At every step they provide great variety of ideas and help to choose the apt designs, color, and material with a cost cutting edge as well as eco-friendly with the help of their products and software as well as live representation of the ideas for visual aid.

Asian Paints Signature focuses on the idea of transforming furniture that we have in our homes so that they become statement pieces that express our style and personality. Designer Deepa introduced ideas like Let the furniture stand out, Mix it up or combine it with the opposite, Going back to basics with a pinch of modern, Play with the pattern, Choose a focal point on your furniture, Colors that will draw attention, Never throw away old furniture, Change the looks and feel fresh and idea of refurbishing.

Selecting an appropriate wood type like Pine, Teak or Mahogany one can stain the wood or transform it with the help of Color Scope by Asian Paints , Wood Finishes with more than 100 options will result in matt or glossy finish along with Wood-Tech Palette and will make your furniture a style statement and unique.

Want to start afresh? Furnish your house? Refurbish? Make a style Statement?

Go to Asian Paints Signature Store and Get Inspired.

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Partying with the `HOG` (Harley Owners Group)

The Harley Owners Group was created in 1983 as a way to build longer-lasting and stronger relationships with Harley-Davidson’s customers, by making ties between the company, its employees, and consumers. It is a sponsored community marketing entourage, operated by Harley-Davidson for enthusiasts of its brand’s motorcycles. The HOG is “the elixir of all community building efforts,” serving to promote not just a consumer product, but a lifestyle.

“We had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life”.

Such quotes are eccentric for a normal person but, its the way of life for the Harley riders and lovers. The adrenaline rush when the person steps on bike and the swirls of wind gushing through the body and the feel of liberty and freedom while being on those wheels, it’s beyond comprehension. A true rider would define it in the most apparent manner possible. The HOG is a basically a group of Harley Owners who are a proud pride of such exquisite machines that when on road, they rule the way with style, sound and above all attitude. It was started in USA but now India has their own HOG and very much intact, they just don’t meet but party similarly like the real deal. Its a routine for them, as a get-together is announced inside the group and then getting to the venue meeting friends and bikers from different chapters and partying with fun and frolic.

#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party

But, since it is Harley there venue also sets out to be an exclusive one, so what better than the cafe meant for Bikers itself, The very famous Bikers Cafe, and its Owner Mr. Sanjay who himself is the owner of a Harley and a part of HOG organized a grand party for the HOG members and everyone was on their fealty level of excitement as it was an amazing moments to meet friends after long phases. The cafe needs no introduction as it is a perfect place to hang out and party like no tomorrow policy. The whole place goes insane when the live performances takes the floor and the bikers or the patrons just hop in and start dancing. There are no rules in the cafe its just fun and party and eat and drink.

#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party

This venue never fails to impress bloggers or any client as one of the best in town, regarding party or food or music, it claims its stakes and takes the bid. Excellent food amazing drinks and really nice music to offer to its patrons its a full package to chill out and enjoy. This time it was ginger ale, Diet Coke, and some rum shots in beverages and to  mess up with taste buds it was Loaded Potato Quarters, Crispy Buttons, Cottage Cheese Satay, Mexican Jalapeno Burger and Four cheese Pizza.

#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party#HOG party

Well, it was a privilege for me to party with the HOG and it was an absolute fun to  be here again, its always relishing and jovial  experience to come here and enjoy. This cafe literally rocks.

Review Credit: Sagar

Ordering home style food made simple by

What do you do, when you wanna have home style food, but not wanna cook either, or when you crave for some simple regional food, but don’t want to visit that fancy restaurant, or when you want to eat home style food while in office and you didn’t get your tiffin..or worse still, when your maid doesn’t show up and you don’t know how to cook..
You crib..crib and crib more..
But ta daa.. you no longer need to crib.. has made it really simple and convenient for us.

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Mad Batter

Mad batter is a new vegetarian bakery in town that truly is like the name suggests – quirky, colourful and literally mad. Where else will you try something like an apple rum mousse!


All this as Mad Batter’s combinations is unique and something you won’t find elsewhere like an apple rum mousse. Moreover, they are all eggless creations, which truly is amazing as the cakes are as moist as the ones with eggs – terrific.


The lady behind Mad Batter, Sanjana Aggarwal, was kind enough to send me some yummy samples and on our request (thankfully) reduced the portion sizes.


One of my favorite dessert was the almond banana chocolate no sugar muffin. You would not have believed how incredibly delicious they were and were kinda good for you. The muffin was moist and because it was healthy you did not feel heavy afterwards. Bananas and chocolate are a match made in heaven and this muffin proved that as well.

MUFFIN-1.JPGThe hazelnut cheesecake was decadent and sinful. I especially loved the combination of the sour cheese with the nutty hazelnut and of course chocolate. This was gobbled up in no time and my only complaint from this was that it could have been less sugary to lend it more balance.


The jars were what I sampled next – my favourite was the Bailey’s blast. It really was a boozy cake but again quite delicious. The cake was really moist and the buttercream was seriously good.

BROWNIE MOUSSE.JPGThe spiced rum brownie mousse was quite delicious as well. Although I will warn that cinnamon haters will not like it as it had a heavy dose of it. I like cinnamon but it was catching me at the back of my throat as well. The mousse though was sublime – fluffly and airy and light.

BAILEYS BLAST.JPGThe apple rum mousse is a sort of a “love me or hate me” kind of dessert. I am on the fence with this as though I really liked the texture of the mousse but I am not sold on the flavor combination. Though apple and rum is a great cocktail combination, this was a bit too bitter for me.


Fore me, among the many bakeries present in the city, Mad batter stands out for its bold choice of flavours and unusual combination. Keep trying everything and I am sure you will find the one dessert that you cant put down.

Instagram Menu Launch @ ‘PIZZA EXPRESS’

#pizzaexpressnew menu

The very famous and the name of the game for Pizzas is this very brand itself. PIZZA EXPRESS, since 1965, one of the finest pizzas makers ever, and once again bringing/giving their patrons and pizza lovers again something completely aberrant and adulating. The new Instagram Menu is launched and with this the Pizza Express explicitly introduces 10 to 12 different varieties of Pizzas, with due fact every Pizza different from the other, and tastes uncompromising as ever. Completing 50  Years globally, this brand has proved itself to be a prodigy of  this field.

To break it down, the Pizza Express has came up with new variance of Pizzas and also a new menu all-together, with some of the great starters as well, to tempt the clients and the Italian lovers. The Pizza Express never fails to impress the bloggers as once again there was a small activity of curating one’s own hand made Pizza, followed by the delicious tasting session. As always the bloggers made pizzas themselves for a small fun act and then started the pizza trail. The whole lesson was taught to us by the chef and we just replicated it, in the very manner it was portrayed as possible.

#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu

After every blogger present there tried their hand in making the pizza, it was time to get to the tasting session and this is where, our minds blew up with amazement and flabbergasted with the deliciousness of the new pizzas. Every pizza had a very different texture and taste, the base was perfectly cooked and the crust was precise, like I said, a prodigy of the game.And this is what this meetup  for the bloggers was meant for.

#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu

If to go  for the menu as to the names, then the pizzas served to us were, Soho 65, Salsiccia e Pomodoro, Pomodoro pesto, Vedure Bianca and also the Risoto veg & non-veg, etc. were some of classic Pizzas that were in the palate. Also not to  forget the amazing starters that were served along with really refreshing beverages/mocktails like a hot cup of Cappuccino, Ginger Fresca, Sunrise Ice tea & Berry Fresca along with some delectable starters like Emilgrana & Mushroom Dips with dough balls also the Bruschetta Originale  “Pizza Express”.

#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu

After this great tasting session of Italian drool pool, we started sailing towards the dessert section which was finally and as always the best of all, we had the chocolate fudge with cheese cake and banoffee pie. I have had banoffee pie at many places but this takes the award of being the most classic and tastiest pie.

#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu#pizzaexpressnew menu

The new Instagram menu has a lot to offer to the patrons and very much looking forward to a whole new versions of classic luscious Pizzas and starters as well. They are changing the trend and innovating new Italian to the lovers and for them.

Review Credit: Sagar

Review “The University Bistro”

`Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors – it’s how you combine them that sets you apart`.

This quote goes pretty well with this very food joint as it sets a different foot in the stakes of taste and innovation. The University Bistro, a new restaurant/cafe in the streets of  Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar, New Delhi, where almost a preponderant amount of  cafes exist, this  is a new debut with a remarkable establishment with not even exceeding a monthly phase. The entrance is very pleasing and so is the aura and interior of this place.


The place is in the very heart of North Campus, Delhi University so the concept of this very venue or shall I say the very psyche of this cafe is being student friendly, because the place has an ambiance which suits mostly the youth, not just the cafe factors but also the quotes of great philanthropists and most resplendent minds of the centuries is pictured on the walls and not just that, from sports to politics to world traveling and music above all. People can step in and hang out with their buddies and have a time of leisure laugh fun and frolic with peace and a some exquisite food and music as well. Now to talk about the menu and their approach towards the students pockets, they have just surpassed all levels of imagination, because I am still awestruck going by their menu, as it is so  economical and pocket friendly that every person going inside wants to come again either for a party or to just get laid-back and enjoy.


To start with we had, Quesadillas (Veg), Archini, Exotic Veg Pizza, Crispy Fried & Stuffed Mushrooms, Hummus And Pita with Kebabs and for drinks we had Italian Smooch and Green Apple and Cucumber Cola. All this was on the first spot extremely delectable and very tempting even to go by presentation. The drinks were really refreshing and very effective as the Monin syrups used in the drinks and the way its given, gives a kick start taste to the drinks. This place apparently is the only place where a 12′ inch Pizza is served in the entire lane and that to very crusty and delicious. the dishes served were innovated to a very next level and also came with surprises. Also the place offers you live Pizzeria section where the pizzas are made live. The way the chef has come up with such amazing concepts of innovative cooking, the place can be seen as benchmark for certain factors as it was one of the finest Italian ever that I consumed in here.


Eventually we ordered an Italian Veg Sizzler, which the place claims to be a prodigy in, and also a Ferrero Rochers Shake which was apparently thick enough to not be sipped by a straw and very yummy. The Sizzler was excellent in taste and also really good in presentation by the chef. The starters and the main course were a complete package of excellence, it was time for some dessert which again came in handy and pretty much impressive in both quality and quantity. The Choco Waffles with Vanilla ice cream and the very unconventional Fried Ice Cream were marvelous not just in taste but also in looks and the way it was served. Blown away by such amazing sweet dishes.


Undoubtedly, this place have to strive to attain a level of impeccability not by food but gradually by time, the establishment will get its root down the core, as its appealing and very ardently promising towards the patrons and the students especially. Whatever it is, I am definitely going to be visiting this place very soon for the flawless taste. Loved it.


Review Credit : Sagar

Dunkin Donuts Launches 4 New Coffees

Given Enough Coffee You Could Shake The World!!!
This is what Dunkin Donut claims as they launch some very interesting new coffees. Its not a very regular thing when innovation with coffee happens. We may visit different cafes, and they might name their coffees differently, but they all end up tasting the same, with hardly a difference to make out.
To bridge this gap, Dunkin has really gone overboard in their research and come up with not one but four new coffees, and these coffees are of the kinds that we normally don’t get in coffee shops.
Mr. Dev Amritesh, President and COO, Dunkin Donuts, India along with their coffee expert Barista Phelix, hosted this exclusive session for food enthusiasts.

The School Opens-Back to School@Odeon Social

What do you call a school; where the school boys aka waiters dressed in white shirts, trousers and green sweaters, serve you cocktails in a school water bottle, right at the entrance? A very very cool and happening school, isn’t it. Yes and we call it Back to School@Odeon Social and the school is officially open now.

Social took over CP with the launch party of Odeon Social hosted by Riyaaz Amlani, CEO & MD Impresario Handmade Restaurants on Thursday, January 14. As the third Social in Delhi within the last year and a half and the ninth in India, the launch of Odeon Social is an ode to the timeless stories embedded in the walls & pillars of Connaught Place.

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Mister Chai@ Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi

Going to Shangri-La, always becomes a nostalgic experience for me, not because of the hotel itself, but because of the group it belongs to, the Eros group. This is because in very initial years of career I got an opportunity to work with Parkroyal Hotel by the same group, which is now known as Eros Intercontinental, and somewhere I still feel connected to it, so even though Shangri-La had not opened then, its belonging to Eros group, gives me that sense of a mutual connect.
Now coming to Mister Chai, its a newly opened tea restaurant at Shangri-La, and its appropriately located right in the middle of the hotel lobby.

I have been to Shangri-La a lot of times in the past, and hence can vouch for the fact that this place in the lobby which earlier served just as a lounge, is completely revamped. The look and feel, the interiors, the menu, everything is new and thats what makes it very very exciting to visit.

Mister Chai is a unique concept that has been curated to give patrons a local ‘tea shop feel’ focusing on regional Indian street food and beverages with a strong focus on tea.


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Chef in a box – Review

DIY recipe kits are all the rage in the ever-expanding food universe. They give you the excitement of a home cooked meal without wasting time in preparing for the food.

Chef in a box is a great addition to the DIY recipe kit segment as it not only has a variety of recipes but the ingredients and food come from the kitchens of the makers. In the words of the owner it is like “ food panda for recipe kits”.


I ordered four varied boxes so that I could get a fair idea of the food. Galouti kebabs, Chicken Khao Suey, Potoler dolma and finally tipsy tiramisu is what I went for.

The boxes arrived very neatly packed and additionally have the label of the kitchen from where it originates as well.

I began with the galouti kebabs, which were seriously good. The Awadhi tradition of keeping only a few flavourful masalas really worked well her. The best part is that a piece of charcoal was given so that you could smoke the galouti mixture and impress your guests too!




The khao suey was brilliant for two reasons. Firstly it tasted brilliant – the spice paste in this one really enhanced the flavor of the entire dish. Secondly khao suey is a tedious dish to make, taking a long time to assemble and prepare. But thanks to Chef in a box you can do it in 30 minutes and it tastes as good as anything else I’ve had.

Khao Suey 2.JPG         Khao 2.JPG

The potoler dolma was the only dish that I ordered which I hadn’t had before. It came highly recommended so I went for it and I wasn’t disappointed. It basically is fried parwal stuffed with mutton and prepared in a thick, kosha like spicy sauce. I loved the taste of it and it went beautifully with paranthas.

Potoler 2.JPG

Dolma 1.JPG


The highlight was without a doubt the next box, the tiramisu. What made it so good was clear from the box – quality of ingredients. Vicenzi ladyfingers were used for this and that clearly shows when you eat it. The mascarpone and egg mixture was divine, I mean I nearly gobbled it all up beforehand. The balance of this dessert was perfect and with Valentines around the corner, guys should buy this to impress and surprise their partners.

Tiramisu 1.JPGIMG_3261 2.JPG

It was a wonderful experience ordering from Chef in a box – plethora of dishes , prompt service and seriously tasty. Go order now!