Dare to be Different- Cress Bistro

At the on set of the weekend, I got this opportunity to visit Cress Bistro and the visit has left me truly delighted.

Great Food & Great Ambience makes it a perfect weekend indulgence.

The menu is very elaborate and almost leaves a person confused, so its better to ask for chef’s recommendations. Most of the dishes have a signature Cress style of taste, something that you don’t get anywhere else. In fact the menu also offers certain dishes that one has not even heard of much. For instance the Burmese Samosa that we ordered as a starter was a completely new experience, It may not be a taste that I had an instant liking for, but it was surely something very different. Similarly the other two starters that we ordered were very different from their usual versions. The chipotle chicken tikka, and the chain chi chilly chicken, they both tasted amazing but at the same time different then our usual chicken tikkas and chilly chicken.

The main course menu again was a bit of surprise with twisted versions of butter chicken and mutton curry. The butter chicken wasn’t the regular one, it was Peanut Butter Chicken which was loaded with the goodness and taste of peanut butter, though their menu does offer a normal version too.

The mutton curry was called Meat Beliram, and had a certain district flavour which was due to a blend of secret spices used by the chef. But for me it was the best meat ever. The pieces of mutton were so juicy and tender that I enjoyed getting messy while eating them.

The third dish to compliment the Indian menu was our very own Dal Makhani. After tasting the peanut butter chicken and meat beliram, the dal wasn’t completely a disappointment, but still somewhere not that great, or may be the chicken and meat set the expectations too high.

By the time the dinner was over, we were too full to think of a sweet dish, but I had heard a lot about their chocolate decadence and hence asked for only one portion of the same.

I am glad that I did order it, else I would have been deprived of a dessert that I want to go back for again and again. It was truly a chocolate lover’s dream come true, so highly recommended for those who crave chocolate.

Overall a great experience and I surely recommend all foodies to give it a try.


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