Big Fish Eatery


Last week, a few other foodies and I decided to have a meet up and went to check out recently opened Big Fish Eatery for lunch. Situated in the quieter suburbs of Penrose, it’s a prime location for nearby workers but not in the CBD which probably makes it difficult for people to randomly walk by and enter by chance.




The decor is quite simple and laid back / casual.


As you can probably tell by the ornaments throughout the cafe, the cuisine is Asian, specifically Pan-Asian which means cuisine from across all the different parts of Asia.


Our feast began with the Pork Belly Bao- 4 hour slow cooked pork belly, cucumber, spring onion ($7.00). It was melt-in-your-mouth tender with a few slices of refreshing cucumber with mayonnaise. At first, I was dispappointed there was only a quick smear of hoisin sauce- I like my bao oozy and finger-licking saucy

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