Crispy Rendezvous with Mr. Virat Kohli


“No cricket team in the world depends on one or two players. The team always plays to win.”



This famous quote is said by the none other than the Indian Cricket team captain, Mr. Virat Kohli, he came to this beautiful venue, “The UNFORKED CAFE+BAR”  to promote a cricket stimulation machine/game. It was an immense pleasure to personally meet him and to listen to his ideas and also to admire the kind of personality he possesses.


From the beginning, at the venue everyone was desperately waiting for Mr. Kohli and the event was all based on, rather the complete venue namely, “SMAASH” is a gaming arena type place, from virtual gaming to physically pragmatic gaming, like football, net practices and many other games which is fun and then it is both fun plus food and bar.



After a chit chat session with Mr. Virat Kohli it was finally time to devour as we were famished and then came bruschettas, hara bhara kebabs, ice tea, brownies, fish tikka and sandwiches, while we ate Mr. Kohli was engaged with the mob outside the venue at the cyber hub where almost 250 to 300 people gathered around to have a glimpse of the super talented cricketer, it was a terrific experience and a remarkable one.

More than food or sports it was a memorable event for many of the sports aspirant and cricket lovers to catch up with the star himself Mr. Virat Kohli and with due respect that every moment was awesome. Loved everything in the venue and also the meetup with the captain of Indian cricket team.


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