Arif miyan ki rasoi – K3, JW Marriott

Authentic Awadhi food is a very under represented food category in Delhi. Many masquerade as Awadhi food, but are just representing their version of this great cuisine. That is why I was so excited to be part of the Arif Miyan ki rasoi festival held at K3, JW Mariott. Executive Chef GK told me how he found Arif miyan and immediately recruited him because his food was so good.

DSC_0237 DSC_0276

The menu changes everyday and the day we went, the menu present was: keema kaleji, chicken stew, gosht ki nihari, paneer quasar- e – pukhtan, dal makhani and sewaiyon ka muzaffar.

DSC_0239 DSC_0238

Each dish was one better than the other and the dishes that really stood out were the nihari and chicken stew. The nowhere was the work of a master, beautifully softened meat with a flavourful gravy it was one of the best nihari I’ve had. The best part was that Arif miyan sat on the counter and served portions to each guest.

What stood out for me was how Awadhi cooking does not have to depend upon many spices to create aroma and taste. This is the essence of Awadhi cooking and Arif miyan kept true to it. 


In the veg options, the quasar – e- pukhtan was paneer cooked in a mild tomato and pumpkin based gravy, which was superb. The flavour of the pumpkin came out beautifully. The dal makhani was equally good. 

For dessert I went to the K3 buffet dessert bar and what I loved most was a portion of the mango bavarois, amazing.


This is a must visit for all Awadhi or plain food lovers. Arif miyan is keeping the Awadhi tradition alive and how!


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