Delivery service review – Cook gourmet

Cook gourmet is a brilliant concept that makes cooking from scratch a new dimension. Cook gourmet sends boxes of recipes that you pick on their website at your homes. The recipe is given to you and all the ingredients are pre cut and measured and all you have to do is to follow the recipe and make the food yourself. They have a series of dishes that change every week, prepared by chefs, that cover all cuisines and depending on your preference, you can have something home cooked in less time than it takes to order.

I ordered three dishes –

Rajasthani Laal Murg with Khoboos Bread

Fettuccine Pasta with spinach and White Wine served with Tinto de Verano (Spanish wine cocktail)

Masala Prawn Popcorn with Tomato Pulao (Recipe from -NDTV Goodtimes, My Yellow Table)

The masala prawn recipe was my favourite and I must compliment the quality of products sent by Cook gourmet. I had some friends over, friends who are fish connoisseur and they were amazed at the quality of fresh prawns at hand. The combination worked so well and the final taste of it was great too.
I cooked the fettucine pasta the next day and that too was wholesome and fast. There were many fresh veggies, however, I think the quantity of dried herbs could have been lessened to make it taste even better. I loved the fact that they had sent a cocktail recipe with it too, and it went very well with the pasta.

Finally, the lal maas with khooboos bread is a sure fire hit . The marinated meat and that wonderful bread go along so well as does the recipe.

I have tried cook gourmet before too, and having it a second time, I think they have improved their recipes a great deal. With this combination of great tasting recipes and a variety i the menu, Cook Gourmet should be a must visit for all foodies.

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