Our special bond – A Raksha Bandhan Story


Everyone says that they share a special bond with their brother and I have heard this line many many times. I get very bored of this line because I am not very emotionally connected to my brother.

The only connection I have to my brother is food. Food is our life and we love everything about it – we love tastes textures and flavours my brother & I cook together we go food shopping together and we even go to a lot of restaurant reviews together.

My brother formed the Delhi Food Club with an aim to connect like-minded foodies to one another. My brother and I Love creating new dishes and we love experimenting with food. Our bond strengthens every time we create something magnificent.
Raksha Bandhan is a very special day for me because I not only get a lot of presents from my brother but I also get to give him presents the presents we end up giving each other are always somehow food related he would give me chocolate and I would give him large bags of cashew nuts, almonds etc that I know he will use in his preparations. There have been many occassions when they’ve used online websites to shop for the ingredients we need we are going to do the same thing for the special festival as the special festival is no different to a day when my brother and I would decide to create magnificent surprises for my friends and family.
The Raksha Bandhan celebrations are very different in our household I can say with confidence that no other family celebrates this like we do. My brother and I have a cooking contest and level books the best has to buy the other one a lot of presents I love my brother very much but you know what BRO I’ll beat you this year too!!!!
Thanks: pickyeaterblog 

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