Amazing Beef + Pork Alternative- Lamb Skewers!

BnBhero Blog

Looking for an amazing beef and pork alternative?

Try Korea’s famous lamb skewers!

 Lamb Skewer


Photos Courtesy of Stella

Have you tried lamb skewer (양꼬치) in Korea yet? It is a great alternative meat for meat eaters who don’t consume beef and pork, and just simply a great ‘must try’ option!

Although it is technically a Chinese dish (most restaurants that serve lamb skewers in Korea will be Chinese restaurants, or simple Korean barbecue restaurants) it has been “Koreanized” through the use of flavours and cooking preparation! Today at BnBHero, we would like to introduce this amazing dish and suggest some great places where you can try it yourself!


Photos Courtesy of Stella

Although it can seem intimidating at first, you cook it yourself over some hot coal! Depending on what kind of restaurant you go it, it might simple look like the picture above, or it might actually…

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