Pita Pit

Life of Srish

DSC_9111 Are you a Subway fan? The thing with subway is that either you love it a lot or you downright hate it. Isn’t it? I belong to the former gang, just in case. Pita Pit works the same way like Subway. What makes it different will follow in the post below. 🙂 Pita Pit started opening it’s outlets recently(?) in India. I just google-d, they opened their first outlet here in 2013. So, I tried their Pita sandwiches one day. Their concept is same as Subway – decide which bread you want, which spread you want, which veggies/meat and other small tidbits like peanuts. Only difference being that their bread is a Pita bread, as you might have guessed. There is another important difference too, the choice of veggies is quite diversified compared to Subway. First things first, I liked them quite a lot. I am not sure if…

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