A Journey – Of a Kimatee (Valuable) Coffee…!!!



Day started very early on 29th May 2015, it was 3:30 AM. Alarm was on and by 3:45 I got up and waked up Aniket to get ready soon. As we needed to leave to catch our train which was at 6:05 AM. Aniket got up at 4:00 and booked the OLA cab and we left the room at 4:50 AM and picked Prerana at 5:05 AM, reached Pune station at 5:35 AM. We had almost half an hour to leave to the land where most of the people come, to turn their dream into reality. Yes we were leaving to MUMBAI.
We had a cup of tea at station and quickly found the Boogie and the seats which we had reserved. The train left at the scheduled time and reached the Chinchwad station at 6:50 AM where we had two other friends (Vaidehi and Nilesh) to board.
This was my second journey through train and…

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