Bueno Kitchen – A Multi-Cuisine Delhi NCR Food Delivery Service

If you look up “Bueno” in the dictionary you will know it means “good” in Spanish and when Bueno Kitchen Delivered food to me last week I was expecting it to be pretty darn good.


With my expectations all high I ordered a variety of items from their elaborate home delivery menu. Their food can be ordered using http://bueno.kitchen. There are a variety of options available.
They have American, Asian, Indian, European, Mexican and Middle Eastern food on their menu.
We started with some Pita Bread with Hummus (Rs 170). The Pita was extremely fresh and the hummus was well prepared. I have certainly had better hummus but this wasn’t at all bad. The combo was very filling. The portion size was good. Like a light evening snack with tea? Go for this!
Their catering menu has close to 400 dishes. When I first looked at the menu I was completely zapped. What appealed to me the most was the Mexican Rice Chicken with Paprika Yoghurt (Rs 230). When it arrived it looked really appealing. I would have liked it to be slightly more flavoursome. I wouldn’t call it perfect but what I got wasn’t half bad.
Then came the Shredded Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce with Veg Hakka Noodles (Rs 260). This was one of the nicest things we had that day. We really loved the balance of flavours and one can never have too much garlic.
We did not like the Mutton Seekh Wrap (Rs 150) or the Chatpata Aloo Wrap (Rs 110) very much but the Nachos and Salsa were to die for. The Spaghetti Aglio Olio Chicken – recommended.
This service delivers fresh gourmet meals right at your doorstep anywhere in Delhi & NCR. So, the next time you’re in the mood for something interesting, pick Bueno Kitchen.

By: Shivangi

Olive Bistro – Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

Khaye Piye Likhe

For those of you who don’t know, Cyber Hub is yesterday’s big thing in Gurgaon for foodies of all types and ages. There are pubs, cafes, bistros, speciality restaurants plus heaps of outdoor space for kids to run amok. On Monday the 14thof July, a group of us went to Olive Bistro for a friend’s birthday party. The manager met us and offered us some items off their new menu and I had to admit I was tempted to try some. The birthday girl agreed and below is a review on the new items we tried.

1. Smoked chicken and mango salad – An appetizer you don’t want to miss. A salad that is light yet filling and totally delicious! The smoked chicken goes so well with the Mango (although you have to do a little hunting for the mango). Once you find it, it’s like heaven! Fresh…

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SodaBottleOpenerWala, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Life of Srish


If you guys know about Cyber Hub, you will be happy (or jealous 😛 ) to know that I work right next to Cyber Hub (like millions of other people, so don’t be jealous 🙂 ). What is Cyber Hub, you ask? Well, it is a new hangout place in Gurgaon that has taken Delhi-NCR by storm for its internationally famous food chains and beautifully constructed architecture. It is situated in Cyber City, the heart of Gurgaon, if you may. Cyber City is actually the corporate hub of Gurgaon, it is where most of the offices are situated in nice, posh buildings built by DLF. These buildings, of course, have their own pros and cons, which all you environment conscious people already know of 🙂 . Anyway, so Cyber Hub is situated in Cyber City and my office is also in Cyber City and that too in the building next…

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Cherry Comet


Just as I pass another happy day of exploring something new, I planned to revisit the place which has been in my blood since it started and nothing but simply Red Mango in ‘Cyber Hub’ would attract me every evening after my work. Soon being shifted to Okhla Industrial Area where Zizo’s base kitchen is, I wanted to get into open air and feel myself walking in Bangkok style streets. So here I was, craving for my favourite cup of Vanilla Ice Cream with all the possible nuts available on our dear planet.This time what captured my eye balls was this tiny place selling Fresh made Ice creams known in international market as “Cherry Comet”

Not to my surprise I was welcomed with some courteous staff and as I read their tag line “Ice cream that is made fresh in front of your eyes. No preservatives. No artificial flavours. No…

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Pita Pit

Life of Srish

DSC_9111 Are you a Subway fan? The thing with subway is that either you love it a lot or you downright hate it. Isn’t it? I belong to the former gang, just in case. Pita Pit works the same way like Subway. What makes it different will follow in the post below. 🙂 Pita Pit started opening it’s outlets recently(?) in India. I just google-d, they opened their first outlet here in 2013. So, I tried their Pita sandwiches one day. Their concept is same as Subway – decide which bread you want, which spread you want, which veggies/meat and other small tidbits like peanuts. Only difference being that their bread is a Pita bread, as you might have guessed. There is another important difference too, the choice of veggies is quite diversified compared to Subway. First things first, I liked them quite a lot. I am not sure if…

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The Wine Company, Cyber Hub

The Chatpati Diary

The Wine Company The Wine Company

While everybody else around me thinks that Cyber Hub is too far, I on the other hand feels that this place is perfect for any sort of meal/occasion/ celebration. From bakeries to doughnut outlets and big restaurants, this place has everything. I’ve been to a lot of places here but one place that kept me interested in it was The Wine Company. So when I got an invite to review this place I couldn’t say No infact I made a few changes in my schedule and planned this evening at this restaurant.

Wine Cellar Wine Cellar

As the name suggests, this place has humongous collection of wines from both the world’s (New & Old). New world being from France and Old world from Chile. Less that we all know, a lot of things matter when you’re drinking a wine, for example how does it smells, the consistency…

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Drawing Designs with Saheba Singh

The Drama Queen Saga

Nothing can be better than interviewing someone who shares thesaheba_2 same name with you! Imagine that? Well, I lived that recently. Meet a stunner and a superb person who has given few of my favorite hangout cafes the look they deserved. Saheba Singh, the lady who talks louder through her designs is now here at dramaqueensaga.wordpress.com to share her heart and well, a few thoughts!

Starting her career 10 years back with ‘This is It Designs’ (her design company); Saheba has been the person behind the splendid decor of many famous hangout cafes in Delhi and NCR. The list might not just end here. 

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A Journey – Of a Kimatee (Valuable) Coffee…!!!



Day started very early on 29th May 2015, it was 3:30 AM. Alarm was on and by 3:45 I got up and waked up Aniket to get ready soon. As we needed to leave to catch our train which was at 6:05 AM. Aniket got up at 4:00 and booked the OLA cab and we left the room at 4:50 AM and picked Prerana at 5:05 AM, reached Pune station at 5:35 AM. We had almost half an hour to leave to the land where most of the people come, to turn their dream into reality. Yes we were leaving to MUMBAI.
We had a cup of tea at station and quickly found the Boogie and the seats which we had reserved. The train left at the scheduled time and reached the Chinchwad station at 6:50 AM where we had two other friends (Vaidehi and Nilesh) to board.
This was my second journey through train and…

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Kitsch and Rocknshop.com’s celebratory evening in collaboration with Blue Bar, Taj Palace

Two Social Butterflies

TwoSocialButterflies was recently invited to an evening gala hosted by Kitsch, the leading multi brand concept store and its e-commerce vertical, amidst a crème de la crème gathering at Blue Bar, the capital’s most inimitable lounge at Taj Palace, New Delhi.Auction Area

Enchanting English garden décor, sumptuous food and premium drinks provided the perfect backdrop for stunning models presenting the exclusive lineup of Victoria Beckham, Sophia Webster, Hanley Mellon and Bibhu Mohapatra clothing, brought to India by Rocknshop powered by Kitsch.

The evening saw elite personalities from across the city gather to relish a splendid evening of success and panache together with Mr. Gaurav Pokhriyal, General Manager, Taj Palace, New Delhi and Priya Sachdev, CEO, Rocknshop powered by Kitsch.4From L to R: Deepa Sama, Ameeta Seth, Kalyani Saha, Priya Sachdev || Deepa Sama, Suhel Seth, S. Prasannarajan

The event was a fun and whimsical Fashion Presentation showcasing top selling…

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