Restaurant Review: Crusty Gourmet Pizzas & More, Gurgaon

Shivangi Reviews

As I walked up to Gurgaon’s popular Crusty’s, Gourmet pizza. I expected nothing short of what I got.

I was greeted by the head chef Rohit who led me to my table. The pizzeria with brick look alike walls and peppy blue furniture had a full house, as I had expected but I managed to find a spot. I was given a menu and I promptly ordered the classic pepperoni without even looking over at the menu.

The pizza and a classic mojito arrived shortly. Crusty’s had me at the first bite of that pizza! It was perfect. Just the right amount of cheese and they weren’t stingy with their pepperoni either. The mojito also, I was quite pleased with. It’s been under eight hours since I ate the pizza but I almost want to drive there again! I was served a slice of the Schezwan Prawn pizza to try…

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