The Love for Kitchen at The Kitchen District, Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon

Kitchen Pops!

IMG_8930Welcome to a place could not have been with a windy breeze and a great smile on the faces. The grand place well represented by the Manager and the Chef Shenthil, it was a great time spent in The Kitchen District, Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon. Located on the Gurgaon- Manesar border, just after the toll, Hyatt Regency treats their guests to a profusion of Indian Coastals, Eastern as well as Mediterranean delights from their 7000 sq. ft room kitchen.

A perfect place with comfortable seatings with two private dining sections and a chef’s live table as well, Kitchen District is a place with its extended attachment to The Long Bar which boasts a 60 ft long bar table. Kitchen District also possesses a communal table with the concept for the individual guests who can sit, have their wines and interact with new people. Talking about the food kitchens, the place has…

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