Restauranthesis: Farzi Cafe, Gurgaon

Indian Gourmand

Gurgaon, India

Farzi Cafe cocktails

The Imitation Game was a great watch and was quite inspirational, however in the end I still couldn’t figure out why was it called so, was it about cryptography and the codes or Alan Turing hiding his true self!! So on a Wednesday evening when I entered the Farzi Café, in DLF Cyberhub Gurgaon and seated myself by the bar. ‘Are you ready to get Farzified??’ asked one of the servers and  said to myself , ‘Yes I am and this time I will find out what was Farzification, read the imitation game all about!!’.

Farzi cafe

Mishti Doi shots were the first move; done with the spherification technique the sweet with the tang set our palates up for the evening. We started with Apple Foamintini a straightforward Apple martini with a twist of sweet mint foam on top. The acidity from the granny smiths was balanced well with the…

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