Hyatt Regency- The Kitchen District

The Flying Wayfarer

“I create today as a celebration of my life.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie.

Yes, celebration doesn’t meant for any particular day or occasion but it raise the crisp of happiness and mantle our joviality with significance. This time the day was Valentine’s day, presumably I don’t favor celebration of love on any single day. Yet in between the pinks and reds all around, we booked our dinner in ‘The Kitchen District’ of Hyatt Regency located in Manesar Sec-83 in outerskirts of Gurgaon. Beforehand we confirmed our table by calling their front desk. It’s a 40 mins drive from Delhi airport so being a resident of west Delhi it hardly took 45-50 mins drive to the venue. It’s on Jaipur Delhi highway on right hand side from Delhi and you need to take U turn to get on the other side. Hotel’s neighborhood vicinity are quite snooty that shoving its image.

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