Chia-Seed Rye Crackers

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chia seed rye crackers

Confession: I really like to make kitchen messes, especially when the finished product results in the tastiest creation ever. These crackers are so, so tasty. The first few times you make them they probably won’t last more than a couple of days.

I realize you can go to the store and buy fairly healthy crackers for a small cost, but there is something special about eating crackers you made that cost half the price and taste twice as good. Top them with some homemade jam and you are good to go for the world’s best afternoon snack.
chia seed rye crackers (1 of 9)

My toddler likes to steal the raw dough and eat it long before it can be considered a cracker. He’s always covered in flour and usually has some leftover dried dough on his shirt hours after our project is finished.

I suggest making these with some good company, like a crazy toddler. Sitting…

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