Restaurant Review- “FORK YOU TOO” Gurgaon Sector 29


So they serve the biggest burgers in Delhi i heard, they actually serve the biggest burgers in Delhi.

Visited this place as a part of the food competition held there “Man Vs Food”- it was about finishing their big burger the fastest. trust me the first look of the burger didn’t impress me, i was like how will such a jumbo burger will be gulped inside.

The competitors fighting out to eat the choice of burgers (Veg, Chicken or Buff) with a side and some salad and a drink. Seriously it was a appetite killing experience for me, since it was very difficult for me to have anything after that burger. i tried the veg one for the competition, and it had 3 veg patties of 200 gm each with 2 buns with egg on them and lots of cheese and other sauces. Overall i guess the weight would be close…

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