Restaurant Review- “Cha Bar” Cannaught Place


Books and tea, a sort of perfect combination which anyone can enjoy in solitude. I am not a tea lover, but this place has more to offer, good coffees and good food for sure. Located at the outer circle in the N block inside the Oxford book store, they have confirmed their place in our minds.

I got introduced to this place by someone, and i believe such places should be introduced and not discovered. As it might have a different charm altogether. Taking a corner seat is the best option as they are packed for most of the times, to avoid the obstacles in your conversations.

Service is sort of poor, you literally have to call the person twice at least to take your order or re-order in case you want to. But there is something in Cha Bar which outweighs all these negatives.

First of all they haveā€¦

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