Top 3 – Street Food – Mumbai


Hi there foodies!!!
Welcome to Mumbai. Your search for street food has brought you here.
Dont be confused by all the jazz written on the internet about Mumbai local food. Some of it has been written by people not even living in mumbai and most of it by the owners of the hotels or joints reviewed in these lists.
I was born and brought up in Prabhadevi, Mumbai and have been hogging on streets of Mumbai since childhood.

Below is the list of 3 top street food items you must have when you are in Mumbai:

Vada Pav:

What is it? A spicy affair of potato filled in golden fried flour and sandwiched in local bread(pav) with sweet and spicy chutney. This should be on top of you To-Do list when you come to Mumbai.

Where to eat? If you are at Dadar or Shivaji Park area, you gotta go…

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