The Pakistani Letdown!

The first time I tried a Pakistani restaurant was in Singapore this winter and I’ve got to say it was really not a highlight of the trip. No, sir, not at all.  Here I was thinking I’d get my butter chicken fix and…NOPE.


We found Usman Restaurant close by to Mustafa Center. There were quite a few people there, so we decided to hit it up for a Pakistani lunch.  The menu is quite long and had a lot to offer. We decided to go with some classics-murgh mahkni (butter chicken) and palak paneer (spinach with paneer cheese). Oh, and lots of naan. Lots of naan.


So, the food arrives along with two chais. I dig in excitedly, but am quickly disheartened. What could have been a quite good palak paneer is ruined by the fact that THERE IS NO SALT! The taste was good, but you all know what…

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