Holi and Importance of Gujiyas


“What’s travel without food and what’s Holi without Gujiya.”

Holi is my favorite among all the festivals, very close to my heart indeed; it’s originated in Northern India but people in other parts also play with the same zeal and enthusiasm. It’s a festival of colors, love, happiness, friends and family. People forget their hatred and even enemies turn friends in this particular festival to enjoy this massive social event. It’s normally celebrated when winter ends and marks the coming of spring. People play outdoors with colors, water guns; balloons filled with water, oh what bliss!!!! I’ve many memories of golden days. As I look back, we got up early in the morning every year to store water , to fill up balloons and got ready for playing before anybody else did. Holi is the biggest celebrated festival after Diwali in India.


Holi celebrations start with a Holika bonfire on…

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