Christmas in India – Part 1

I'm Balkan on Sunshine

India Trip: Friday, December 20th – Sunday, December 28th

I was admittedly a little nervous when my plane first touched down in Delhi. I’ve been fortunate enough to do quite a bit of traveling, but for some reason this trip scared me a little. Sure, previous travels have exposed me to unfamiliar religions, cultures, languages, and cuisines, but the idea of experiencing all of that in one of the world’s most populated countries was overwhelming, and I hadn’t even left the airport yet! Fortunately, I’d be traveling with my brother Andrew and his wife Kelly, which helped ease my nerves.

Now there are two narratives I need to tell you about my time in India. The first is everything you want to hear: elephant rides, delicious curry, lavish Mughal palaces, and of course the obligatory Taj Mahal pictures. This story is fun to tell, and will be the focus of…

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