Restaurant Review- “FORK YOU TOO” Gurgaon Sector 29


So they serve the biggest burgers in Delhi i heard, they actually serve the biggest burgers in Delhi.

Visited this place as a part of the food competition held there “Man Vs Food”- it was about finishing their big burger the fastest. trust me the first look of the burger didn’t impress me, i was like how will such a jumbo burger will be gulped inside.

The competitors fighting out to eat the choice of burgers (Veg, Chicken or Buff) with a side and some salad and a drink. Seriously it was a appetite killing experience for me, since it was very difficult for me to have anything after that burger. i tried the veg one for the competition, and it had 3 veg patties of 200 gm each with 2 buns with egg on them and lots of cheese and other sauces. Overall i guess the weight would be close…

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Restaurant Review- “SBARRO” Gurgaon


Hungry stomach doesn’t wait for a brilliant dish, but what my hunger is only satisfied with a delightful experience. Once upon a time on a rainy morning in the winters, I was without my breakfast and my crumpling stomach showed me Sbarro. Hudda city center has become a brilliant food court and catering to almost all types of hungry people.

Sbarro is famous for its pizza slices and other Italian stuff. Pizza is not only about cheese which I always knew but Dominos with its power could never let me believe on the statement. They have very cool offers like combo offers, pizza slice with a side and a drink. Definitely it is their own version of coming up against many other fast food restaurants.

The staff was apparently very friendly may be because I was one of the very first customers for the day. They explained me all the…

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Restaurant review- “Smokey’s BBQ and Grill”- GK-2


It is SMOKING hot, right.

Something that looks amazing should taste brilliant, this is my thumb rule of eating and drinking. People always tell me, i am very harsh on restaurants, but i think this is what i like.

First of all let me tell the management of this restaurant that you people are doing an amazing job out there. Secondly there is a good scope of improvement as well, not just in the food but also in the service.

People, this again one of those amazing places where you can have warm cocktails and that too brilliant ones. Having had just a sip of rum based warm cocktails made my throat sing the jingles perfectly. They win over in their smoking flavors and smoking drinks, YES smoking drinks. Cocktails in a variety of colors and most of them in closed containers which get…

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Restaurant Review- “Al-Bake”


If the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of shawarma is “Al Bake” then it doesn’t matter where the outlet is located. Yes, the fact of the NFC outlet beign the best can be justified by the strong presence which makes even a bad experience go good.

It is a small outlet in the GK-2 market, it is not a deserted place, just that they are not very famous out there.

Coming to food, the shawarma rolls as usual the cliche’ taste of Al bake. I wont mind dying to this ever green flavor of their rolls. So, if you have got used to this and want to move forward, then you really need to do a lot of research for finding better shawarma rolls.. So till then keep tuning to these Al-Bake rolls.

Nicely cooked, well served with mayo and lots of chicken… no complaints…

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Restaurant Review- “Cha Bar” Cannaught Place


Books and tea, a sort of perfect combination which anyone can enjoy in solitude. I am not a tea lover, but this place has more to offer, good coffees and good food for sure. Located at the outer circle in the N block inside the Oxford book store, they have confirmed their place in our minds.

I got introduced to this place by someone, and i believe such places should be introduced and not discovered. As it might have a different charm altogether. Taking a corner seat is the best option as they are packed for most of the times, to avoid the obstacles in your conversations.

Service is sort of poor, you literally have to call the person twice at least to take your order or re-order in case you want to. But there is something in Cha Bar which outweighs all these negatives.

First of all they have…

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Restaurant Review- “Masabaa- The Treasury” Punjabi Bagh


Fine Dining at its Best!!!

West Delhi has never been known for such places, but now I think it is the time to change the way we look at it. Club Road is the place where many of these have come up very recently, but this place is definitely going to stand out.
Although a month old property has not been recognized properly, but i am sure future of this place lies beyond many others. Situated on the second floor, you get valet parking and a lift takes you to this holy place of exquisite experience. Light music and a large Budhha awaits for your kind presence.
And then the first glance at the place might skip a heart beat, calling it beautiful will be an understatement. Now the place is designed in such a way that almost every type of company can be fit in to. On your left…

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Restaurant review- “NYC- Radisson Blue, Mahipalpur”


Buffets are brilliant, not because the food is unlimited but because of the choice you have. NYC is one place where you will find an amazing variety of everything, yes EVERYTHING. Apart from the normal servings, they have a fresh counter to cook something special for you as well.

As you enter this lavish place, there is an amazing seating in front of you, from sofa seats to the left and fine dining tables to your right. Right wing has a pool facing view which is more lit up and sofas are a little more cozy. There is this brilliant place to sit, just next to the wines rack, no matter you like them or not but do get some brilliant pictures over there.
For me a 7 course meal always starts with dessert, but when you have brilliant options in salads you might want to change your mind. A…

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Restaurant Review: Tamra – Shangri-La, Connaught Place, Delhi – 4/5 Stars

India Food Club

Multi cuisine restaurants fill me with a lot of trepidation. Trepidation because they are usually mess up most of the cuisines they are showcasing, so I wasn’t entirely convinced of my visit to Tamra.

Located on level one of the Shangri la Hotel, Tamra’s space takes you by surprise. It is lavish and beautifully spread out with one side overlooking the Hotel’s garden. It can seat upto 189 guests and the buffet dinner is unique as it as many as five live cooking stations serving delicious fare.

Tamra’s open theatre stations are Asian, Indian and regional, Japanese and Teppanyaki, homemade gelatos and a Dessert Bar, Cold Cuts, Cheeses, Breads and a Salad Bar.

Our meal began with a scrumptious sushi platter and a special recommendation is the tuna, the crab sushi and the salmon nigri. The fish is amazingly fresh and the balance of flavours make it one of best…

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