Mamagoto’s winter menu is a pleasant surprise. I love it when restaurants are always on their feet to bring to its patrons, seasonal favourites. If you are at Mamagoto you will find a lot of hot and fiery dishes to generate lots of heat. The menu has a lot of Cocktails and Mama shakes that will leave you craving for more and more.

IMG_9100 IMG_9105 IMG_9110 IMG_9115
Do not miss the mojito with your food. That drink is so refreshing that you will savour it to the very last sip. The winter menu has a lot of seafood options that I loved, go for anything with prawns – to die for!

A big thumbs up for the winter menu!

After reading a fellow foodie’s review on Mamagoto I knew I had to order in on a lazy Saturday morning after a long night of partying with friends. We were all really hungry when we woke up and because I follow that foodie I mentioned earlier, I found out they deliver and I just had to order. I knew they were in Sec 29 and they could not have delivered to my house really quickly but I was shocked when the doorbell rang in 35 minutes – there they were with all my food.

I have always loved Mamagoto for their ambience, service and promptness but today I will only be rating their Home Delivery Service and food. 10/10 to the home delivery service and their customer care staff who were polite and took the order for 10 people very calmly and patiently, not only that they added a lot of their recommendations to our order, making it all the more special.

On to the food, I have always strongly hated the thai green and red curry so when my friends ordered some I knew I was not going to try it! But I did and I was not disappointed because the chef’s at Mamagoto do not disappoint in the least. They really know how to add beautiful flavours to boring dishes like thai green curry! I was very impressed.

The shrimps with burnt garlic were to die for. The burnt garlic added a fantastic flavour that can not be described it can only be tasted so if you are tempted after reading my review do not forget to order the shrimp.

The crispy chilli potatoes came with bell peppers, onions, etc. and they were really really special. I was surprised to see how none of the dishes that we had ordered disappointed us. The garlic chicken and chicken in black bean was a mix of great textures and flavours and I really felt alive with the variety of spices I tasted.

As far as desserts go, we ordered a brownie, mud cake and the cheesecake. The cheesecake was fine but everything else was superb. 5 out of 5 to Mamagoto Home Delivery!

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