Restaurant Review – The California Boulevard, Gurgaon 3.5/5 stars

I was really excited about the new branch after hearing from friends about the interesting food at the Rajouri Garden branch. As we entered the restaurant, we were pleasantly surprised to see a black Harley Davidson bike parked right at the entrance. The interiors are all Hollywood inspired and I was totally in love with the super cool ambience the minute we stepped in. They had a little L.A. inspired walk of fame flooring, pictures of Hollywood legends and lots of other California inspired surfboards, signs and souvenirs all over the place.

the california boulevard, gurgaon

We started our culinary adventure with a Spicy Guava drink which was rather unique and I loved that little chat masala type punch that it had. The spritzer which my friend ordered had kaffir lime and watermelon pieces and was very refreshing.

For the appetisers, we tried the non-vegetarian platter which included dishes like kaffir lime chicken tikka, grilled lamb skewers with a minty napolitaine sauce, sushi rolls, beer batter fish and peri peri crispy chicken with chipotle mayo. I loved the fusion of kaffir lime with traditional tikka masala flavours enhanced by the use of lemongrass. Another favourite was the Indonesian style satay that I enjoyed more as it came with my favourite chunky peanut dip.

For the mains, we had their Signature Chicken Piccata and the Honey Chilli Red Snapper served with some Seafood fried rice. I think that the chicken in the Piccata could have been more tender and the sauce that came along should have been warmer so I could truly relish the flavors on that dish. The seafood was fine but I wish the place was more inventive with their recipes and the execution of each dish. My friend ordered the cheese and olive gourmet kulcha which was very soft and perfect even as a dish on its own.

For dessert, we ordered the Chocolate Nutella Tart and the TCB Kulfi Gazzak. I did not particularly like the Nutella tart as it tasted just like regular cake with no real Nutella goodness in there. However, the Kulfi Gazzak which was hidden inside a chocolate shell was the real bomb. The server flambéed the shell at our table to reveal the gooey Kulfi interior and each mouthful with chunks of gazzak was sheer bliss.

I think that the place is making a sincere attempt at trying different cuisines and blending it all in to create one family friendly menu. I do wish that they could be more inventive with flavors and techniques of cooking classic dishes to inspire the discerning palate. I also wish that the chef and her team would pay more attention to the presentation of dishes and also the food temperatures so the dish can be truly be enjoyed the way it was intended.

Overall, the place did leave us with pleasant memories as the hospitality is commendable and with a few quick fixes, TCB could become a staple family favourite for years to come.

Review credit: Ridhima

(Delhi Food Club)


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